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Last week, I was competing in a Hackathon at work (wrote about it slightly here), so my brain was all over the place. It was so hectic, between Hackathon stuff and Engagement Party stress, that I was pretty worried about my workout schedule. After all, I had to fit into a pretty tight dress. The stakes were high. Dun dun dunnn.
Everything ended up working out (hah, pun intended?), but not without some scheduling on my part. I can change my work schedule as long as I get stuff done, so Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked 7-330, and then 730-4 on Thursday. It was kind of brutal at first, but I ended up liking it so much that I'm doing it again this week. Lesson learned - the good kind! :)

WEDNESDAY: Upper Body Weights Routine (45min), Pilates (45min)
This is pretty much a Wednesday-Usual. But, I did arrive at the gym a bit earlier than normal, so I was able to do even more upper body weights than I typically do. Wedding shoulders, here I come!

I was running out of exercise clothes (my laundry is currently haunting me, but I still don't feel like doing it - why?), so I threw on some tight running/biking shorts with one of my fiance's plain white T's on top. This is a horrible outfit for running - but for lifting weights and yoga, it wasn't bad.

THURSDAY: 30 Minute Stairmaster, CXWORX (30min)
I got home from work and got ready to hit the gym with Justin. I decided to take it easier on my joints and did the Stairmaster for 30 minutes instead of running. Then, I did a CXWORX class that was pretty weird.

There was a girl in this class that was ME. Like, almost to a "T." She was the same height, same build, same dark0brown-hair-plopped-on-top-of-her-head. Same color eyes, same lack of makeup. We even stood next to each other and made some of the same faces in the mirror as we worked out (embarrassing? I think not!). She also had on an engagement ring. No wedding band. IS THIS AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE? Okay, probably not. But still, it was weird. In all of my distraction and pondering of The Matrix, I failed to snap a pic. #oops

FRIDAY: 45 Minute Run, Ballet Burn (45min)
I got to the gym in time for a 45 minute run before the Ballet Burn class I had really enjoyed the week before. I was honestly very excited for it. My run had gone well, and I was pretty pumped to "feel the burn," so to speak.

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. [Now begins the rant] Instead of the bubbly red headed instructor who was sweet as hell from the week before, we had a sub - a really harsh, loud drill sergeant. Good for Bootcamp? Probably. Good for Ballet? Hell no. This was honestly one of the worst classes of my life. Nothing was particularly difficult since we only did each move like 4-8 times before moving on. The real burn in ballet burn class is when you repeat a move until the muscle cramps... no cramps here. On top of that, her mic was up so loud that she was screaming at us. Like, I plugged my ears a few times. The entire class, I debated leaving, but felt too bad (people pleaser? yes) so I stuck it out. [Now ends the rant]

Ultimately, I'm just really grateful that I had built in time to go to the gym early for a run. I left work at 3, so I had more than enough time to squeeze it in before the 4:45 class. If I hadn't done that, I think I would have left the gym very discouraged.

SATURDAY: 4.5 Mile Run (40min), Cardio Boxing Circuit
In anticipation of the day's festivities, I squeezed in a solid 4 and a half mile run and a cardio boxing circuit before my hair appointment. I worked out in my parents' basement, which can occasionally be creepy because the treadmill faces away from the rest of the unfinished part of the basement (so, in theory, I couldn't see a serial killer come up behind me). Good thing there weren't any serial killers lounging around down there.

I seriously needed a rest day after the Engagement Party. I ate almost a whole "White" pizza from our very favorite Coalfire, and Justin and I lounged around and watched the movie Couples Retreat. #WorthIt

MONDAY: Yep, still resting.
Between Daylight Savings and recovering from the party, my fiance and I both felt like H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. So, we took another rest-day and finished watching Harry Potter. Yet again... #WorthIt

TUESDAY: Slow 9 Mile Run (took me like 1:40)
I honestly still felt like I was easing back into it yesterday. You would have thought I would be super fresh and energized after two days off... not the case. It's like I was injured or sick or something. My body is just tired.

I had a total wardrobe malfunction at the gym that ended up being totally humorous and awesome. Basically, I've been spoiled by the Nike running pants and capris that my fiance bought me. So, when those were dirty (remember that heaping, haunting pile of laundry? yeah... still growing), I grabbed another pair of yoga capris from my drawer and packed them for my run.

Proof that I'm spoiled now? Within two minutes of putting these other pants on, I was miserable. The seams on the inside of the pants were super itchy and I only got a few minutes on the treadmill before freaking out and hopping off. What's a girl to do? Head to the locker room and flip them inside-out. Yes, seriously. I borrowed scissors from the front desk to cut my tag off, then went on my merry way running on a treadmill with my pants on inside-out. #NoShame

Evidence of Tag-Cutting
WEDNESDAY: Full Body Weights, BBS
Today is actually going to shape up to be an atypical Wednesday workout. My brother is taking the train in from the suburbs (he's home from Ohio State for break). We're going to head to the gym from downtown, but I'm not planning to ditch him for Pilates, so we'll see what happens.

  • Any workout wardrobe malfunctions? How did you deal with it?
  • How do you typically feel after taking rest-days?

And now for that gratefulness I've been practicing:
Dear God,
Thanks for helping me find humorous solutions to wardrobe malfunctions. Janet Jackson would be proud. It's all in the attitude, not the circumstances - thanks for the reminder.
Love, Carly


  1. oh dear God nothing drives me more crazy when my clothes bother me during a workout. You simply cannot think of ANYTHING other than your clothes bothering you while you're working out which pretty much ruins it.

    ugh I'm mad just thinking about it.

  2. What kind of Nike pants are they? I'm always looking for good gym pants!


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