WOTDs, Muller Yogurt, and Gratefulness

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Muller Greek Yogurt Corner in Caramelized Almonds

After my long runs this week, I refueled with the yogurt Muller (by Quaker) sent me to try out. It was definitely delicious, and had just the right ratio of creamy to crunchy. This was their "Greek Corner" product (they must know I love Greek Yogurt!) in the Caramelized Almond flavor. It rings in at 220 calories, with 13 grams of protein - exactly what my body needs after a long run! You can find more info on that particular one here.

Now, the workouts!

This week was full of variety. I generally make a plan and try to stick to it, but it's fair to say that I fly by the seat of my pants fairly frequently, so things tend to take their own form as time goes on.

Half-dead Following My Fiance Around The Gym
9.5 Mile Run, Abs Work

I totally skipped my favorite ever Pilates class on Wednesday, but let's be honest, after a 9.5 mile run, my body was just not into it. Some of you big fancy runners out there probably could have made it happen, but my body just isn't used to doing that much work in one day, so I skipped. Instead, I followed my fiance around the gym and timed him on my phone as he did his weights exercise. What a good soon-to-be-wifey, eh? :) I also squeezed some ab exercises in there, but that was all I could handle.

Weights Work, Full Body

I focused on my upper body routine: shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back with free weights, then on machines. Then, moved down to abs on the ab crunch and ab rotator machines. Then, I topped it off with the leg press, leg extender, etc. You know, all those leg machines that are in a row at the gym. Whatever you call them... I did 'em.

Friday Before Ballet Burn
Ballet Burn

This was a first for me! I was cramming in a workout before mojitos and cuban food at Havana, so this class was perfect. It made me sweat, but not so much that I had to wash my hair (score). I was honestly really surprised that it was as difficult as it was! I was totally sore for two days. This being my first ever ballet workout class, I'm calling it a success!

Weights and Such for Ballet Burn Class

8.5 Mile Run

Saturdays have sort of turned into my default long run days. I just end up with a bit of time to spare mid-day, so I've been trying to put it to good use. I was planning on making this another 9 mile run, but I started having some weird calf pain. It basically felt like my calf muscle was dead weight. So, not knowing what that meant and not wanting to injure myself, I pulled back to a walk for a few minutes to cool down and then hopped off the machine around 8.5.

During this run, I watched The Lucky One, with Zac Efron. I got through most of it but then finished it on my Tuesday run. It wasn't the best thing ever, but it was definitely emotional enough to keep me engaged during my run. Also... Zac Efron is pretty. And the kid in that movie is super cute. What's not to love, right?


I almost didn't, but my fiance convinced me to have a rest day. I had blogger book club eating and drinking wine club that afternoon, and didn't find time to work out before it. When we got home around 5, it just seemed like a better idea to relax for a bit and then head over to Grandview Tavern for a bite to eat and a cocktail. I had a bowl of chili, a side salad that was delicious, and a vodka soda with extra lemon.

Body By Science (Weights), Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning

Monday morning, my fiance and I got up early to hit the gym for Body By Science. We do the whole routine together, taking turns so that we can both time each other (part of the workout is lifting continuously for 45seconds-2minutes).

After work, I had planned a recovery run to loosen up my muscles from Saturday. I was thinking something like a leisurely 3 mile run (not saying 3 miles is easy - just saying I had planned to do it at an easier pace), to get everything pumping and loosen up, but not put a ton of strain on my body.

Unfortunately, I got to the gym after work and realized I hadn't brought a sports bra. Who wants to do a 3 mile run in their underwire? Not me. So, I trekked home, stopped at the Green Grocer for some cilantro and avocados for dinner, and then did some Insanity. I used to do those DVDs religiously, so to speak. It was definitely hard going back to it, because my feet and lower legs weren't used to it. 

Watching "A Few Good Men" on the TV after my iPad died
9 Mile Run

So, the day after forgetting a sports bra, I arrived to the gym after work to find that, while I did indeed remember the bra, I had forgotten to charge my iPad. Is it a bad thing that this had me on the verge of a total melt down? I'm super workout ADHD, so the only thing that has been able to keep me on a treadmill for run longer than 3 miles is some serious on-demand entertainment. When my iPad only had 16%, I started freaking.

But then I told myself: It will last longer than you think. And, somehow, it did. I got through somewhere around 7 miles before it died and I switched to the TV attached to my treadmill, which turned into me watching one of the best parts of A Few Good Men. "These are the facts and they are undisputed." As a former pre-law-er and avid mock trial-er, gawd, I love that movie. No shame. 

Before the iPad died, though, I finished The Lucky One with Zac Effron. No tears were shed by me, but the characters sure cried a lot. Pretty sure the people around me thought I was watching a soap opera. Next, I watched an episode of The Mindy Project. The guy from Knocked Up was in it, and I find him hilarious.

Upper Body Weights & Pilates Class

Justin and I have plans tonight with our "Mentor" couple from pre-marital classes at church, so I'm aiming to not get sweaty this afternoon. After all, if I have to shower and get my hair wet, I'm a goner for the day (meaning I'll proceed with sopping wet hair and no makeup, looking like a cross between a five year old girl and a wet dog. lovely). 

Yesterday, I totally forgot to do my gratefulness exercise. Here goes:
Dear Sidewalk Snow that is Hard to Walk through,
I can feel you sneakily giving my calves a workout. Well played, winter. I probably needed that.


  1. I love Müller yoghurts - there a tons of varieties here in Germany! xxx

  2. Watching shows on an iPad or iPhone is the best way to knock out a longer treadmill run. I've been watching gossip girl and it makes my treadmill runs seem a lot shorter than they are!

    Great week of working out! That ballet class sounds hard but really fun!

    1. Ooohh, I haven't watched Gossip Girl yet! It's on Netflix right?

      And yeah... the ballet class was killer! :)


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