3 Day Cheese Cleanse

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My fiance and I were talking about our general nutrition and fitness. We're trying to scale back on going out for dinners and drinks, because it's really just not good for our bodies and we want to be conscious about what we put in. We find that we both feel and look better when we are cooking our meals at home, and thus we know what we are putting into our bodies.

I asked my fiance if we should try a 3 day cleanse together in order to jump start our new plan. His response?


A 3 day cheese cleanse. Ugh. Sadly, this sounds utterly delightful. But it's not going to happen.

Maybe in heaven...

Really, though, has anyone tried cleanses? I've only tried an acai cleanse that was a bit too harsh on my system. I do have a 3 Day "Peeled" Juice Cleanse from Gilt, but want to wait to use that until after our trip to New York later this month. Plus, if I'm going to do one with my fiance, it's not going to be that, because we only have one of them.

Any other cleanse ideas you can do with your boo?

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