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Just like when you invest your money, diversifying workouts gives you the best returns. I think I did a pretty damn good job making that happen this week, for the most part. I did a hot pilates class at Mercury Method, a Bodypump class, a 6 mile run and abs class, a long bike ride, long run, aerobics, and a basic pilates class.

Does anyone else aim for diversity? I know it's hard to add diversity into your routine when you're training for something on the horizon, but from what I've read, it sounds like even people training for the marathon include different types of runs.  Let me know in the comments what kind of diversity you're adding this week!

PM Mercury Method "Strength" Class with Lara

As I predicted, I loved the Mercury Method classes even more when taught by their creator, Lara. She was very intentional about walking around and fixing our poses and postures. I was totally surprised when I got home and my calorie counter said I burned 352. Before, I was typically burning between 180-210 in these classes (though the real benefit, I think, is more muscular than mere calorie burn during the class). Granted, this 352 does include my walk back from the train, but that was only about a 10 minute walk. So, I was pretty impressed by the number.

AM Bodypump Class

Lawd, how hard it is for me to wake up at 5:30 for a 6:00 workout class. So difficult. But still, so rewarding. I hadn't been to Bodypump in probably about a month, so it felt really hard. Like, I felt like a total beginner again (almost). I'm pretty excited to go again tomorrow and see if I can build my strength back up.

6 Mile Run and 30 Minute Abs Class

I mentioned that I haven't been running as much lately. I'll explain more about it later, but I realized that the frequent long runs were actually not making me look or feel any better. Instead, they were kind of depleting my nutrients and making me ravishingly hungry. So, I took a break, and am working them back in with more moderation. Friday's run was just short of 6 miles in just over 60 minutes, including a walking incline warm up and cool down, some basic tempo running, and some 8.5mph sprints. I paired it with an abs class that was pretty easy after the Mercury Method classes.

1 hour 40 minute Bike Ride

I had really wanted to take a spin class at the gym on Saturday, but after a leisurely breakfast, my fiance convinced me to take a long bike ride through the city to the lake. It was definitely a fun and interesting ride (still terrified by riding through traffic), but I didn't feel like I got nearly as much of a workout as a spin class would have afforded me. Total calorie burn rang in at 350. Lame.

1 hour walk with intermittent sprints

On a whim, we ended up driving out to the suburbs on Sunday for Church and Easter fun. By the time we got back home and finished some errands, it was kind of late. Instead of hitting the gym at 8pm we decided to go on a long walk. I went on a few sprints, but mostly just enjoyed a leisurely walk with my man and pup. It was pretty awesome.

30 Minutes At-Home Cardio

This was honestly kind of lame of me. I got too tired for a real workout, so I simply did some fun aerobics while we watched The Americans. I created two circuits and did each of them twice, then called it a day.

AM 60 Minute Pilates Class

For some reason, making it to a 6:30 class was much easier than the 6:00 time slot. I was thrilled that the class was pretty empty, so it was enjoyable. I got to watch the sun come up all the way during the class. Bingo. Reaganing. Winning. Duh.

3 Mile Speed Run, 60 Minute Pilates Class

I'm planning to get to the gym a bit early to do a speed run and power it out. The pilates class I love and enjoy going to has now changed from a 45 minute class to a 60 minute class. Hey, more ab work for me! Can't complain.


  • Do you diversify your workouts?
  • What's your favorite workout to do?

Dear body,
Thanks for letting me try lots of different workouts. I'd appreciate it if you started responding to them, because you're awesome when you do that.

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  1. You really did diversify your workouts last week- that's awesome! I try to do a mix of runs (speed, long, recovery) and then some core/strength thrown in. I'd love to get into pilates too but the gym classes I've taken haven't been great and I don't really want to pay for fancy classes. Boo.


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