Engagement Coasters - DIY Photo to Tile Coasters

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Happy Thursday, friends! It's been a while since I posted something DIY (though most of it seems to relate to weddings, nowadays...), so I wanted to pop in on this wonderful, warm Thursday morning and show you something fun and fancy.

I wanted to share with you an awesome gift I got from my cousin, Clara. She gave this to me after I got engaged, and it has been such a fun and exciting thing to have in my home.

On the day of our engagement, we had a bunch of pictures taken. I gave Clara access to the images online, and she surprised me by transferring the images onto a set of coasters.

One of my favorite things about these coasters is that they are lined on the bottom with felt. My fiance and I have a few furniture pieces that are mid century modern (not just the style - they're actually vintage), so we try to be very careful about not scratching the wood.

Another tip from Clara: The "tile sealer" mentioned in the tutorial below is not cheap (it will run you around $30). Instead of buying that for one project, she just bought clear waterproof rustoleum, and they're holding up perfectly.

Ready to make your own? Here's the tutorial she used!

  • What was the cutest hand-made gift you've ever received?

Dear Chicago,
Thank you for finally being kind of warm. And thanks for doing it on a Thursday, so that Friday Eve can already feel like the beginning of the weekend. You're so sneaky, Chicago.


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  2. I'm actually a bit upset. I went to Home Depot today and the tiles that have been used for this have been discontinued. Have to find another tile that will work just as well.

    1. That is such a bummer! I just bought some there in December, so they must have newly discontinued them. You may be able to search on amazon for uncoated tiles!


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