Last Minute Travel Prep

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Surprise! I'm in New York. Feels like I'm a ball of grease, so I'm ready to dry shampoo the crap out of my hair and go to brunch.

For now, I'll leave you with yesterday's events.

I worked from home yesterday, which was the perfect way to get things done for work and still be able to manage my brain (did I pack toothpaste? should I run to get my nails done on my lunchbreak? where the hell is my curling iron? etc).

6am, Bodypump class. Had to get it in before a weekend away. #MyHappyPlace

Get home, make myself a delicious steamy breakfast. 1 layer of leftover sauteed veggies. Add garlic and coconut oil sauteed spinach (like 3 cups of it raw) and an over easy egg. Top with feta. Total = 10 minutes.

7am-Noonish, Work. Lots of phone calls, emails, and last minute things to wrap up for work before going on a trip. Throw in a bit of coffee drinking and you've got yourself a great idea of my morning.

I also double checked my luggage situation and packed a carry on back pack (I put my kate spade inside a comfy backpack. SO much better than being lopsided all day from carrying a heavy bag around the airport on one shoulder).

Noonish, Nails. I just got them done a week or two ago (No Chip, which I usually make last for 3wks), but a few of my nails were looking like chip city (see photo above). So, I asked the ladies at the nail salon to just repair the broken ones. Worked like a charm...

1pm-3something, More Work. Grab a snack. Call people. Etc. Then finally leave for O'Hare.

Naturally, our flight was delayed. So, we hit up Ice Bar for some bubbly and a delicious meal.

Spring greens salad with chicken and a cheese plate. Who ever dissed airport food? This was legitimately good. I'm also in love with their place mats. That's another story, though.

Aaanddd... BUBBLY.

We finally got back on the plane after a two hour delay and guess what? More delays. Eventually, we sucked it up and watched Celeste and Jesse Forever, which was depressing but occasionally funny.

And finally, at 11pm, we landed at LaGuardia!


  • What do you do when your flight is delayed? Watch a movie, drink some bubbly.
  • Do you have anything you HAVE to do before a trip? Mine is getting in a good workout.


  1. Flying lately is just the worst.

    Have a blast!!

  2. Our flight tonight is supposed to take off at 8:30pm....FINGERS CROSSED!!!

    Enjoy your trip!


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