New York Pt 1 - Brooklyn

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On Friday morning, we woke up to weather that was far superior to the Chicago cold as of late. Already winning me over, New York!

We are spending the first two nights at my fiance's sister's place. She had recommended Fort Defiance, a place down the street that does everything from craft cocktails to brunch.

My fiance was famished (as usual), so he ordered Huevos Rancheros (top right). Thumbs up from him.

I was going to go for a veggie scramble but figured I should be more adventurous. So, I ended up going for a cheesy biscuit with ham, jalapeno jam, and an over easy egg (bottom left). It was just the right size and delicious.

After brunch, we walked around and ended up stopping into a cute liquor store to buy our host a gift. We grabbed some tasty scotch, dropped it off at the apartment, and headed over to Carrol Gardens.

We stopped to split an amazing salad at Jolie Cantina in Carrol Gardens. After our insanely yummy breakfast, we agreed that we just weren't hungry enough for a full meal, so we split it. It was covered in jicama, chorizo, and other fresh ingredients, with a perfectly poached egg propped on top. 

They had one of my fiance's favorite beers on draft, so we tried it. 1664 Kronenberg. He was pleased.

After lunch, we walked around Brooklyn Heights, stopping in Brooklyn Park and the Brooklyn Promenade. The view of Manhattan was stellar, and it was neat to see from afar the city we'd be in for the following few days.

Eventually, we met up with my fiance's sister and walked around Dumbo. Mostly, I'm just in love with the name here, because Dumbo used to be my favorite movie... but also, it's an awesome spot between the bridges.

We stopped into a chocolate store, and we grabbed two cookies to split. I think one was just regular chocolate chip, and one was a mudslide kind of cookie, with dark batter. I was a huge proponent of the second one.

Post-chocolate consumpton, we headed back toward Red Hook. At this point, my feet were feeling like pure awfulness. We'd been walking all day, and my Sperrys just weren't cutting it. So, we hopped on the bus and got back to home base.

After a change of clothes, we headed out toward the pier to catch the end of the sunset. You could see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in the background, so it was quite picturesque.

We put our names in at a restaurant called The Good Fork, then waited at the apartment for a few more minutes. I did't take any pictures at the restaurant, itself, but let's just say that it was a meal that you ought to try. The chef was wonderful. I had juicy steak over a bed of kimchee rice with a sunny side up egg on the top. 

I do, however, have this dark picture of my fiance and myself.

After dinner, we had a few drinks at Red Hook Bait and Tackle (no, it's not a bait and tackle shop). Sleep came very easy that night... I'll leave you with that.

More tomorrow... thanks to everyone who emailed suggestions for our trip! Can't wait to share what we ended up doing.

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