New York Pt 2 - Manhattaning

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Welcome to this year's edition of "True Life: I Ate Pizza for Breakfast."

After a pretty... uh... festive evening, we seriously needed something carby and greasy for breakfast. Because my fiance's sister lives above a pizza place, it seemed like a great way to do it. We were packing up to leave her Red Hook apartment and head toward our hotel in Midtown Manhattan, so it was our last chance for stuffing our faces at that pizza joint. 

Obviously, we did it.

After we got cleaned up and packed up, we walked to the subway to head into Manhattan. God bless my fiance, who lovingly carried two bags up and over the bridge. You're wonderful.

There were no seats on the subway, so I holed up in a corner and sat on my bag. It was a stiff 30 minute ride, and I tried not to lose my mind or any of my belongings. We emerged intact.

I love Manhattan. Everything is so alive. I suddenly felt so pumped about every little thing that, even on our walk from the subway to the hotel, I had to snap some dorky pictures.

We stayed at The Kimberly, which is a nice spot in Midtown, just off of Park Avenue, with some European flair. After we checked in, I freshened up a bit and then we were off.

We stopped for a mid-day pick-me-up. Double shot tall skinny latte for the win. 

Naturally, another dorky shot. In front of 30 Rock. I'm obsessed with the show, so it felt like the right thing to do.

We walked around for quite a while. Probably a few hours. After a lot of sight seeing and a few unsuccessful shopping adventures, we realized around 3pm that we were pretty starving for lunch. 

We loaded up on Carbs again (ugh, darn you, scotch drinking) and tea. Then, we headed back out into the wilderness (hah) and popped on over to Central Park.

I want to live in this park. I felt so happy just walking around and seeing all of the people and green space. Everything there felt so romantic. Like, take a picture on the bridge? Why not? There is nothing better.

Oh, right, and the freaking bulldog riding a skateboard. This was not just happenstance -- he was doing it for like 30 minutes, and the owner would just start it rolling and the dog would hop on. That's talent.

After spending an hour or so in Central Park, we headed over to Henri Bendel. My fiance's sister had suggested we make a stop there, and I cannot tell you how right she was. If you've never been, just think of it as Disneyland for girlie stuff. Makeup, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, scarves. You name it. I stocked up, and then we headed toward the hotel.

For dinner, we freshened up (read: dry shampoo) and headed to the rooftop lounge at our hotel. It's called Upstairs at The Kimberly and it is really a neat spot. The views are to die for and the lounge itself is quite swanky.

That said, $18 cocktails are somewhat painful, especially when they're not THAT good. I'm spoiled by The Violet Hour in Chicago, so maybe I'm hard to impress. Either way, I ended up switching to Champagne.

One of my good friends from High School lives in New York now, and she showed up to say hi. We had a few drinks at the lounge together, then walked over to Session House for a bit more.

And at midnight? IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! The bartender made me a delicious cucumber and strawberry vodka drink, and we had a bit of celebrating before heading back to the hotel.

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  1. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! I LOVE!!! So glad you had fun and loved NYC! :)


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