Packing For New York

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My new anthem on packing for a trip is this...
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." -Leonardo Da Vinci

I always pack super far in advance. I find that, if I don't, I spend far too much time daydreaming or worrying about what I will ultimately pack. So, for my Thursday afternoon trip, wanna know when I packed? Sunday.

Granted, since then, I have altered the contents of my suitcase a few times. Add a blazer here. Swap out a pair of gold flats there. But mostly, here's my go-to city-traveling swag. (Why did I say "swag?" Because I've been watching too much Parks and Rec. So, there).
  • 1 black blazer (Banana Republic - I also have an awesome one that's actually from Victoria's Secret, but my BR jacket is already quite broken in so I prefer it for the long haul)
  • Pants: Skinny blue jeans, Skinny black jeans (Gap) Skinny black slacks (Ann Taylor), Black leggings
  • 3 tank tops (BR, F21, etc)
  • 3 loose over-shirts (commmmmmmfy)
  • 3 kind of dressy tops
  • 1 comfortable but form fitting black dress (va va voom?)
  • Clothes for running (or sleeping if I don't use them on a run): 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of running pants, 2 running tops, 2 sports bras, heart rate monitor, etc.
  • Shoes: Sperry Topsiders, Super shiny gold "flats," Running shoes
  • A few headpieces

Some basic, completely unscientific theories behind my packing:

Always bring a blazer. Seriously. A blazer instantly classes up even a t shirt and jeans, and a basic black blazer will go with just about anything you own. If you're trying to pack tightly, instead of packing a few different jackets and cardigans, go for a black blazer.

Get the skinny. I try to pack skinny legged jeans when I travel. They just feel a bit dressier and (probably more importantly) easier to manage. For example, if it starts raining, wide leg and boot cut jeans will get drenched up to your knees. Skinny pants rarely touch the ground, so it keeps you more dry and clean!

Comfort is Queen. Because I'm expecting to be walking around a lot, I wanted to pack some comfy shoes, and Sperrys are the go-to choice. But, I also wanted to make sure I had some cute stuff for a fancy dinner. I'm also packing a pair of shiny gold "flats" that are pretty dressy, and have just enough of a heel to give that satisfying clicketyclack as you walk.

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