Praying for Boston

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I hadn't intended to post again today. But, I got to the gym and had my computer in my bag. And for some reason, before I could start a workout, I felt this post tugging at my heart.

For those of you who know my sister, who lives in Boston and was at the race to watch a friend, she is safe. So is Lindsay, which I now know, thanks to Twitter.

I guess the thing that is hitting me right now is that today was not just any regular day. It was supposed to be a day of triumph. Of victory. A day on which men and women who have trained for weeks, months, years, finally cross that finish line, and we all cheer in celebration.

But there is no celebrating. Not, at least, the way it was meant to be. My prayers go out to those who are injured or have passed and their friends and family.

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  1. Yes, happened to me too. It stopped once I tightened the strap and re-wet it.


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