Technological Malfunction (and Workout Schedule)

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It's been an interesting week in workouts. Other than the pictures I posted in my review of TRX classes, I only have one picture from this past week of workouts:

I'm trying to be positive here, but there is one thing that has been driving me nuts during my workouts. My Polar Heartrate monitor just flat out stops working. In the middle of a workout, it will suddenly show "00" for my heartrate (obviously wrong) or will say "Check heart rate transmitter!"

The monitor and strap? The strap is definitely too big, and tends to slide around a lot despite being on its smallest setting. But, if I am on a machine, the machine still picks up the data from my heart rate strap, even when the watch is showing no data. This leads me to believe that the culprit is not, in fact, the strap, but is instead the watch, itself.

So, what the hell is going on with this thing? It is so insanely frustrating to be in the middle of a workout class and have my heart rate monitor malfunction not once but twice in just a 30 minute class. Argh. Hence, I've taken no pictures of my workouts the last few days because I spend an unreasonable amount of time wondering if something is going to malfunction.


Okay, moving on. Deep breaths. Chill out, Carly. Done and done. Here are my workouts for this week... (picking up just before I left off, since last week's workout post was on Thursday).

Wednesday: 60 Minute Stairmaster
Thursday: Bodypump Class, 60 Minutes
Friday: TRX Class, 60 Minutes
Saturday: Active rest - about 9 miles of walking
Sunday: Active rest - about 9 miles of walking
Monday: Extreme Cardio Class, 30 Minutes; 15 Minute Stairmaster Sprint; Body By Science
Tuesday: Pilates Class, 60 Minutes
Wednesday: (Planned) 4 Mile Run, Upper Body Weights

  • Do you use a heart rate monitor or other fitness tracking equipment? Does it ever malfunction? Obviously, I'm having this problem. Hopefully, I can get in touch with Polar and resolve it.

Dear Future In Laws,
Thanks for getting your son the Jawbone Up for his birthday. Suddenly, we are walking EVERYWHERE, which means I have an automatic HEALTHY excuse for an active rest day. 


  1. I too have a polar hrm...I think I purchased mine in 2008. Late last year mine would stop working randomly as well and show me 00. Since the watch was still running and didn't need a new battery, I went ahead and purchased a new coded transmitter. Since then everything has worked fine. My trainer once told me that the transmitter can also get clogged with sweat residue and to try and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Hope that helps.

  2. I do exercise research and my heart rate monitors malfunction ALL THE TIME. I use Polar FT1's and clean them after every use. The only suggestion I have is to buy a smaller strap if possible (S / XS) and be sure to wet it before every use.


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