The Pendulum Has Swung

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I know, I usually put up my Workouts-Of-The-Week post on Wednesday. I've been really busy, both at work (with a class on presenting for impact), and in regular, lovely life. #oops

Last week, I mentioned I'd been trying to diversify my workouts. It's like the pendulum swung so far into I-Love-Running territory that I'd forgotten anything else exists, and then it swung right back into No-Thanks-Running territory. So, you'll notice that I did not run even once in the past week. And you know what? I feel fine. In fact, I'm stronger and have more of what you might call tightness in my muscles, which I'm loving.

Wednesday: Pilates, 60 Minutes
This class was totally packed, but I stayed anyway. I did, however, vow to alter my schedule a bit to do Pilates on Tuesday or Friday mornings, when there are like 4 people, rather than Wednesday nights, when there are like 20.

Bodypump Wake-Up Call?

Thursday: Bodypump, 60 Minutes
I just... love... bodypump. It totally missed out by skipping it for a while and didn't even realize how much I was missing. Yes, waking up at 5:30 sucks sucks sucks sucks. But, being done with an amazing workout by 7am feels utterly amazing.

Set up for Barre Burn

Friday: Ballet Burn Class, 60 Minutes
I'm an awful dancer. I'm considering stopping this class simply because I feel bad forcing other people to watch me dance. Normal, human dancing = fine. Ballet dancing? No freaking clue what is going on. I also insisted on wearing shoes and was the only one. #loser

Saturday: TRX Class, 60 Minutes
Loved this! Can't wait to try another and post a review. Bodyweight training is the bomb.

TRX Class - Note the Hanging Things

Sunday: Active Rest - 9+ Miles of Walking
Yeah, we walked everywhere. Not much to say other than read this post on how I ended up walking almost 20 miles last weekend.

Monday: 30 Minute Cardio Circuit, Body By Science
I wanted to try a new cardio class and showed up a few minutes late but still went. It was awesome. We did a ton of jump roping and I ended up burning about 200 calories in that 30 minute class alone (which is HARD for me because I'm little, I guess?). After, my fiance and I did Body By Science. #sore

Tuesday: Pilates, 60 Minutes
Rolled into the early-morning-pilates again and yes, it was totally worth it. In life in general, I love large groups. With workout classes, not so much. So I loved how small this class was.

Wednesday: Stairmaster, 60 Minutes
I had missed a class I wanted to take, so I hopped on the Stairmaster with the book I'm reading for book club. 60 minutes later, I was drenched and happy.

Thursday: Bodypump, 60 Minutes
Victory. Another early wake-up call.

Early Bodypump Class & New Elle Clothing


  • Do you like taking group fitness classes? I obviously do after this week's summary! Sheesh. My favorite is probably Bodypump, but TRX and Pilates are giving it a serious run for its money.
  • Have you ever tried a Bodypump, Pilates, or TRX classes? What'd you think? 

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