The Silver Palm and Boys Win

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Hey friends. Happy friggin Friday, once again. T.G.I.Freakin.F. I've got some fun plans for the weekend... hope you do too! We're super pumped over here...

One of my friends from college is in town this weekend for a law school competition, so last night, my fiance and I met him for dinner and drinks. Since he's staying downtown, we thought it might be fun to have dinner in River West, where it's a bit more eclectic than the Loop. We hit up The Silver Palm, which is an awesome little restaurant right by the Chicago blue line stop. The key to the appeal? The dining area actually exists inside an old train car.

It was pretty empty when we arrived, but filled up while we consumed our dinner and drinks. I had their grilled fish tacos, which were okay but not particularly impressive. I didn't finish them. The boys both had burgers with gruyere and crispy bacon. Boys: 1; Carly: 0.

Their drink menu is pretty stellar - they are connected to a tiny bar next door called The Matchbox, so you can order any of the specialty cocktails off of their menu. I had The Gin Blossom, my fiance ordered The Maple Leaf, and my friend got a Gin Gimlet.

Perhaps my favorite fixture in the place, however, was this guy. He'd brought in his DLSR and was taking pictures of his food. Way to go, man. I always feel too dorky to bust mine out and shoot food at restaurants. Men: 2; Carly: 0

Overall? The boys won. Humph. But I'll be announcing the NuNaturals giveaway winners this afternoon, and based on the entries so far, I'm willing to bet girls will finally be victorious :)


  1. That place looks so cool, I love that you actually sit in an old rail car!

    1. Yeah, it's totally fun! I walked past it when getting on the blue line sooo many times and always wondered how it looked inside. who knew they had great cocktails, too?1 #win


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