The Weekend I Walked All Over Chicago

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Note: As usual with my weekend posts, this is super image-heavy. I know a lot of you like that, anyway (wait, she writes words with those posts? whoa).

First of all, I'm going to straight up dub this image the "image of the weekend" because it depicts my new favorite meal. Two egg whites, one while egg over easy, top with cilantro and feta, drizzle with sriracha, and break the yolk. I have no words...

I had a surprisingly active weekend, which warranted excessive egg consumption. On Friday, I kicked it off with Barre Burn at the gym. Because of doing two days of Pilates and one day of Bodypump leading up to this class, it was much harder than usual. My muscles were pissed.

Then, on Saturday, I hit the gym to try out a new TRX class. Basically, you are hanging from ropes attached to the ceiling and using bodyweight to "do work" on your body. Will post a more substantive review later, but I really enjoyed it.

As I was leaving the gym, I got a text from my fiance saying he wanted to take the dog on a long walk. I convinced him to wait for me, and we ended up going on a walk for about an hour at a pretty brisk pace. 

On our walk, I found this sticker randomly plastered to some wooden fences. I spent the next few minutes analyzing the message. Savior Self. Say it out loud = Save Yourself. You need the Savior to Save Yourself. I don't know, I like it.

When we got home, we chilled out for a bit and then started getting ready for our evening plans. We were having a few couples over for dinner before going to an awesome show, so I whipped together a few pizzas (two regular crust, one cauliflower crust). The cauliflower crust started out like this...

Cauliflower "rice," shredded mozzarella, oregano, and an egg. Much healthier than your typical crust...

I also made funfetti dip, which, let's be honest, is the most amazing thing ever. Pair it with Nilla Wafers? Pretty good. Pair it with apple slices? Even better!

After dinner and drinks, we headed to El Cheapo Cabaret. It's basically like Cirque du Soleil except it's BYOB and in a warehouse in West Town. It was pretty mind blowing. I have some crazy pictures of people mid-air that I'm going to post this week.

On Sunday, we walked like 9 miles total. In the morning, we walked to church. We tried out a new one that looked interesting and had a very convenient time slot. Let's just say we probably won't be going back to that one, but we did learn a bit about what we really want. Nevertheless, it provided an excuse to walk 30 minutes to church and 30 minutes back.

Except that on our way back, we decided to take a detour and stop at J. Patrick's for lunch. I had chicken and beef tacos and a bloody mary... but then we made friends with the bartender slash general manager and ended up helping him taste some new beers that his liquor rep had brought in to try to get him to use as summer beers.

New friends, free beers? What's not to love?

Because of beer tasting, we needed a small cat nap after J Patrick's to recuperate. Then... yep, you guessed it. More walking!

This time, instead of walking west, we walked east and hung out downtown for a bit. We walked along the river and let me just say that my honeys (honeyboy and honeygirl, yes I sometimes call them that) were looking mighty smiley. I love that.

And now, I'll leave you with this picture of the happiest dog ever.


  • Do you live somewhere where you can walk a lot? Living in Chicago, I walk just about everywhere, unless it's nasty out and raining (umm, today). 
  • How do you do "active rest" days? Or do you? We've been trying to walk a lot, especially on days that aren't designated workout days.
Dear Chicago,
Thanks for having such wonderful weather that I could walk almost 20 miles over the weekend and not have frozen a single bodypart or finger. Please keep getting warmer, because I truly like you more that way.
Love, Carly

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