Working It Out, Eating It Up

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My workouts this week were awesome. My meals were not. 

Like, why did I buy a box of Banana Nut Cheerios to eat at my desk? (Cuz they're awesome. That's why.) I proceeded to shove the entire box into my mouth within two work days. #winning or #losing? #hardtotell

Also, Special K's Cracker Chips are not a joke. Self control, on the other hand, is a joke. That's why I've been living in Carb City this week. Naughty Naughty, Yummy Yummy.

Wednesday: 5.7 mile run, Abs
Thursday: Bodypump
Friday: TRX Class
Saturday: None (I cleaned my awfully messy room at my parents' house -- does that count?)
Sunday: 6 mile Walk/Run with fiance and the dog
Monday: 30 Minute Cardio Class, 20 Minute Stairmaster Sprint, Body By Science
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: (Planned) 4 Mile Run, Abs

After I quite literally demolished a box of cheerios, I had some redeeming to do. Generally, I find that when I load up on carbs, I have some issues. I get super super extremely tired (read: CRANKY) and bloated. I'm also pretty sure that cheerios turn my brain into the brain of an insane person. No scientific proof on that, though. Either way, I needed to get some legitimate nutrients into my belly.

Redemption included a few things. I focused on veggies and lean protein, keeping things low in salt and sugar to avoid making my body any angrier than it was. For dinner, I did a chicken breast and some broccoli (That picture was taken once I was at least 2/3 done. Don't worry. There was more goodness). For breakfast, a fried egg with an entire pan full of broccoli and cauliflower sauteed in olive oil. And for lunch, a DELICIOUS salad of spinach, chicken, pecans, strawberries, and feta, with a homemade dressing of olive oil, balsamic, honey, and minced garlic.

De-freakin-licious-yum. You know what? At the end of the day, those redemption meals were more satisfying than five million handfulls of cheerios. I promise.

P.S. We're going to New York tomorrow!

  • Do you have any carby weaknesses? What's your naughty bread and butter, so to speak? Mine is obviously banana nut cheerios and special k cracker chips. So freaking good.
  • New York People... WHERE SHOULD WE GO WHEN WE ARE THERE? We're spending a little bit of time in Brooklyn but will mostly be in Manhattan. IDEAS?

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  1. Too many ideas for your NY trip! I'm going to be there also!!! Enjoy your trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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