80 Sips and Post-Cleanse Moderation

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Friday night, my fiance and I had VIP Press Passes to a fabulous wine tasting at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Bordeaux Wines was kind enough to reach out to me and provide the passes to the event, which was hosted by Bottlenotes and dubbed "Around The World In 80 Sips."

I ordered food just before leaving work so that it would be there when I got home at 5:30. Since I'd just finished a cleanse, I'm staying away from cheese and dairy, and trying to keep away from gluten, so sushi seemed like the best way to go.

My fiance and I demolished the sushi as he finished up a few work calls. At 6, I changed into my wine tasting clothes (read: dark colors). There's red wine. Mistakes happen.

We hopped in a cab and headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Once we got inside, they looked us up on the list and gave us our press passes. Hello, Carrie Bradshaw and company.

They also gave us engraved Bottlenotes wine glasses.

After checking our coats, we walked upstairs to where the event was being held. The museum has an "Emerging" exhibit, which is where they display new artists whose work they don't feature yet but are considering adding. The event included that exhibit and some open space nearby.

The first thing waiting for us at the top of the stairs was a DJ. Yes. Somehow, this just made the whole night better for me. Wine tastings can be stuffy and stale sometimes, so this was a really neat way to keep it fun and casual.

For the next hour, we got to taste the VIP wines before the general public plebeians were let in. I'm happy to say that we didn't taste a single wine we didn't love.

A bit later, we stopped by the Bordeaux Wines table. They had a huge crowd around them, so we chatted with Sherry, who was managing their Social Media. She is seriously the cutest little thing.

Next, Sam was our tour guide through Bordeaux wines. He walked us through the reds we could try (we were trying to keep it simple by staying dark) and gave us a bit of a story about the Bordeaux region.

I was mighty pleased.

After a bit more wine, we hit up the food stations. It was catered by Wolfgang Puck, so naturally, it was utterly delicious. And by delicious, I mean that I ate some nuts and grapes and two bites of bread, while my fiance demolished the rest.

The next day, we also had plans to attend the American Beer Classic, a beer tasting at Soldier Field.   It was freezing and the tasting was outside, so it was kind of rough for me (I'm a cold weather wimp).

I won't get into a ton of detail, but I will say a few things. First, I had a brown ale by Kona Brewery that TASTED LIKE COCONUT. Go buy it. Now.

Second, I'm allergic to wheat beer (am I allergic to gluten? do I need to get tested? #halp) and ended up getting really sick, but before that happened, there were smiles:

Two alcohol events in one weekend is pretty unusual for us, but it just so happened that our friends were planning one and we had free press tickets to another. So, those were my adventures in post-cleanse moderation. Here's to keeping it up... cheers?

  • Do you fuel up before wine/beer tastings? Or do you just rely on the event-provided food? I obviously pre-fuel. I never know what they're going to have there (and the beer fest at Union Station charges a hefty price for crappy food - thumbs down), so I just make myself get something good before.
  • If you've ever done a cleanse, do you try to keep up the good habits afterward? I'm trying to stay away from dairy, wheat, salt, and sugar as much as possible... I'm trying to limit my boozin', too, but it's about to be Chicago in the summer, so let's be real... there will be some consumption.
Dear Bordeaux Wines,
Thanks for giving us sweet tickets. It was a valuable and special date night with my fiance, and we were thrilled to be part of the event!
Love, Carly

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