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At my gym, there are lockers with keypads you can use to lock them. This means I can no longer just search for my lock and know that my stuff is inside... because all the locks look the same.

Earlier this week, I totally effed up and forgot where my stuff was. I mean, they all look the same. I had to get someone to let me into like five different lockers before we found my stuff. Pretty sure she thought I was some kind of gym locker bandit. 

Now, I have to resort to things like taking a picture on my phone of my locker number, or writing it in pen on my hand. Actually, the above picture is from when I signed up for a spinning bike and thought I'd forget what my number was. 

This is the story of my life... complicated theories? Got it down pat. Logic games? Nail it. Remembering a simple number? Impossible.

Wearing the same pants over and over? Check. Okay, no, I don't wear these Ellie camo workout capris every day... but I have worn them twice this week and taken a picture in almost the exact same pose. Time to throw those babies in the wash...

And finally, an awful "I just woke up, why the eff am I at the gym?" picture. This is real life, folks. Also, I was terribly pale in that picture. Don't worry. The situation has been remedied.

Wednesday: Juice Cleanse, No Workout
Thursday: Juice Cleanse, No Workout
Friday: First day off Juice Cleanse, No Workout
Saturday: 20 Min Ab Work, Spin Class
Sunday: CXWORX (Ab Class)
Monday: Body By Science, Muscle Definition Weights Class
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: 4 Mile Interval Run

I've put together a pretty awesome plan for the next few weeks. If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge planner, especially when it comes to food, workouts, and travel. Here's a sneak peak of what the tentative exercise regimen will be: Weights, Resistance, Cardio, Weights, Resistance, Cardio, Weights. 

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