It's Tulip Time

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This weekend, my fiance and I headed back to Holland. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about Holland, it's a town in Michigan that's nestled right on Lake Michigan as well as another lake that sort of pops in from the lake. 

Image Credits - No, I did not take this from a plane

I used to not be "into" the state of Michigan as a whole (I lived in Columbus for 9 years, there's a rivalry), but I've definitely come around. Holland, in particular, is awesome. White beaches, clear water, amazing summers. The Eastern coast of Lake Michigan definitely got the better deal (sorry, Wisconsin).

Anyway, Holland is highly Dutch (my fiance is from there and is fully Dutch, go figure). Every May, they have a celebration called Tulip Time, which is apparently tied into the Dutch traditions. There are parades, people everywhere, and, of course, tons and tons of tulips. My fiance said that the tulips are so highly prized that you can get arrested for picking them. Whoa.

We drove in on Friday night, and got in pretty late. Saturday morning, I slept in (Hallelujah!). I had a delish breakfast of Oikos, some Agave Syrup, and Raspberries that my fiance's mom put together. 

Afterward, I decided to go on a 5-6 mile run. Actually, it started out as "a short 30 minute run" and ended up being pretty long because Pandora was rocking it and the puppy looked happy. She was my running buddy - we had a great time running around Holland and peeking through and around the houses at the lake.

We went for lunch at an Irish pub in downtown Holland called Curragh. Afterward, we spent a few hours laying out at my future in-laws, soaking in the sun. I also cat napped and read a book. Perfect.

I was sickeningly white so it needed to happen. We were talking about going on a walk around the lake, when my future brother in law's girlfriend (wait, this is getting confusing...) asked if we wanted to meet up downtown. So walk, we did, and we enjoyed the masses in Holland that were not only celebrating Tulip Time, but also throwing a Cinco de Mayo festival.

It was actually quite crowded, but I fear the picture below does not do it justice...

We also stopped at a FroYo place for some sugar. First, we spent about five minutes debating which of the frozen yogurt shops to stop at. Then, I accidentally grabbed a huge bowl and proceeded to quite literally stuff my face with frozen yogurt, whipped cream, and heath crumbles. #Oops #SorryImNotSorry

We walked around for another hour in the sun, trying to walk off the food coma induced by said frozen yogurt. It's also really fun to walk around downtown Holland because there are a lot of old, cute, cottage-and-victorian-style houses.

We headed back "home" to change, then went to dinner in a nearby town. My phone promptly died as we pulled into the parking lot (Android, I have mixed feelings about you...), so I have no pictures of the delicious salmon and lentil dinner I consumed.

Sunday morning, I woke up slightly sunburned. Mostly in a "V" at the top of my chest, where my dress wasn't covering me up while we walked around 

We had breakfast on the patio. I had sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cilantro topped with a fried egg.

We went on a 6 mile walk around the lake (not all the way around, just part of it), then packed up and headed to lunch at the Itty Bitty Bar. I had a Corona, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and my fiance had tacos. That counts... right?

Unfortunately, we left just like thirty minutes too late. There had been a pretty bad accident on the highway that took out all lanes going in both directions. So, what should have been about a 2.5 hour drive turned into 7 (yes, 7). I spent a while working on our wedding invitations, but then my computer died. With my phone close to its death, we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. Boo, technology.

We were also STARVING and stuck with only this awful tasting PowerBar to share...

That said, the pup was extremely entertaining. She found no less than ten positions to sleep in. Long live the cuteness.

  • What do you do to pass the time when you're stuck in longer-than-you-expected car rides?
  • Do you squeeze in workouts on vacation?

Dear Fiance,
Of all the people to be stuck in a car with for 7 hours, you're my favorite. Thank you for being awesome, even when nothing else is awesome.

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