Life Lately - Hippie or Not Hippie, That Is The Question

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If the title of this post made you think of "To be or not to be," then you can officially award yourself ten points. Or maybe I should just go ahead and award those points to Gryffindor. 

1. I went to Grange Hall on Randolph St and loved it. It was hipster through and through, and felt like a scene from Portlandia where they tell you all about where the beef came from and whether it had a good home (it also reminded me of Ft. Defiance in Brooklyn). The menu is mostly burgers, but I had chili and salad. Best of all was sitting outside with this view.

I will never call you Willis.

Also, they brought water with only a little bit of ice, a small slice of lemon and a small slice of lime (or was it cucumber?). Perfection.

2. Hippy move number two... and I'm not sure if this really is a hippie move. I ordered new toothpaste from Vitacost.com (I figured that something more natural would be more sensitive to our teeth). When it showed up, my loving fiance teased me and said he was engaged to a hippie. Apparently even the packaging looks hipstery? Beats me...

Are you there, Jason? It's me, Hippy

3. Do hipsters get manicures? I'm thinking maybe not (at least not the "real" hippies... I'm looking at you, Wicker Park), so perhaps this will balance out the Portlandia restaurant and supposed hipster toothpaste: I'm usually a french manicure girl. I like that I can get a no-chip manicure and make it last for 3+ weeks without having to take the time to go back and get them fixed. But, the last time I went, I decided to be brave and change it up. And by change it up, I mean get something almost the same but not entirely. I think it was called I Theodore You.

Still going strong, Theodora

4. Fourth, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the (not so) epic battle between hipster and not-so-hipster, I'm a Yelp Elite!

In conclusion... yes, I am fully aware that I am not a hippie. I can hardly pass for hipster, depending on the neighborhood. It is really all in jest. 

  • Do you ever make purchases that strike you as out of character?
  • Are you into all natural ingredients?
  • Do you Yelp?

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