New York Pt. 4 - The Final Day

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We started our final day in NYC in true style: Room Service. Surprisingly, this room service was actually really delicious (I have kind of lukewarm expectations on that kind of thing). 

I ordered an egg white omelet with Swiss cheese and onions, with an English Muffin on the side (which I ate) and some potatoes (which I didn't). My fiance ordered a regular omelet with the same sides and a side of sausage.

I don't know why I find sausage to be so bizarre and gross, but I just do. Apparently, this guy is quite jazzed by it (I told you how much he loves charcuterie, right?)...
We packed up our bags to check out, and I said goodbye to the room. It's a thing I do when I leave places. Goodbye, hotel. Goodbye, huge mirror that I loved to take pictures in. Goodbye, unbelievably comfortable king size bed. Etc.

We left our bags with the hotel and were on our way, for a period of about ten seconds, until we realized it was quite rainy out. The Kimberly gave us an umbrella, and then we were back out.


Let's just say that, yes, it was quite rainy. I kept trying to find the silver lining and telling myself I was glad it was rainy and icky on our last day in New York, so that it would be easier for me to leave (hah, as though Chicago weather isn't even more awful on your average day...). Wean me off the awesomeness, why don'tya...

Rainy and gloomy does not mix well with boot cut pants on a short person. You know how, once the bottom of your pants get wet, it tends to just travel up your entire leg? Well, I decided to suck it up and roll it up. #WorthIt #NoRegrets

We headed over to the Museum of Modern Art, aka MoMA. My fiance's dad does some occasional work for them, yet he (my fiance) had never even been inside. His excuse? The lines were always too long...

And, indeed, the lines were long, despite the rain. But, we were determined to make it in, so we were troopers and waited it out. Double thanks, again, to The Kimberly for that life saving umbrella.

We spent somewhere around two hours inside MoMA and saw a lot of cool stuff. I saw a lot of things that I knew existed (See below: Lichstenstein, ghost face dude who has his own emoji, Starry Night, thing that looks like a kids placemat), but it was neat to see them in real life. The security around these pieces was so intense that I got yelled at for being within a foot of one of them. Let's file that one under #Oops.
My official names for these items: (1) Lichtenstein Girl With a Volleyball, (2) Scary Ghost Face Dude Who Has His Own Emoji, (3) Starry Night That's Way Better Than My 4th Grade Rendition, and (4) Thing That Looks Like A Cool Kid's Placemat
We both have (sadly) fairly short attention spans, so after we'd walked through everything, we were ready to hit the road. We did a significant amount of Yelping to no avail, and ended up deciding to just walk over to Second St, where we knew there was a plethora of pubs and easy meals to be had.

We ended up going to a bar and grill called Midtown 1015. I had a thai chicken salad that was pretty delicious, and a Guinness that was as exceptional as ever.

Afterward, we still had a few hours of time to blow before heading to LaGuardia. It was still raining, so we didn't feel like walking around. We decided to hit up a coffee shop on Park Ave.

Coffee is awesome. So is fiance's new watch in the background. What can I say, the man likes bold watches. I feel like he is a power ranger or something with this watch. I'm engaged to a power ranger. Beat that.

Naturally, my phone ended up dying. We went on a walk around town near the Empire State building and eventually grabbed our bags at The Kimberly and headed to LaGuardia. Security was A BREEZE. Like, there were only 5 people in line, compared to the hundreds at O'Hare.

Fun fact: We got free wifi by watching an advertisement. If wifi is paid, it's always worth checking the site to see if there are some hoops you can jump through to get it for free! We watched some Parks and Recreation while we waited for our flight to board.

A few hours later, we were home! Back to the good old grind.

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