Peeled Cleanse Day 3: I Would Have Sold My Firstborn Child For A Piece of Broccoli

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**In case you missed it, I'm doing a 3 day Juice Cleanse from Peeled Chicago. Read about why I'm doing it and what it entails here. **

Well, they were right. The second day was the hardest! Day 3 was a piece of cake (ugh, cruel reference to make in a post about juice cleansing) by comparison! 

You know how I mentioned I was getting a ton of sleep? Well, as it turns out, there may be sheer quantity, but the quality is not particularly good. Here's how I clocked in last night...

A lot of hours? Yes. But my REM cycles are all kinds of wonky and I apparently kept waking up. It's like my body had no problem being unconscious but refused to get quality and long deep sleep. What's up with that? Maybe because I'm STARVING.

Juice 1: The Green Lantern
A bit after waking up, I had my first drink. The Green Lantern. I added a bit of lemon juice to it to alter the flavor a bit, and it was good enough to wake me up.

Juice 2: Haute Lemonade
I was pretty excited for my lemonade. I did the same thing as yesterday and heated up half water, then added half Haute Lemonade. Check out how much pepper is in this baby. Remnants above.

Juice 3: Maroon Five
Nope, that's not red wine I'm drinking as I watch Sex and the City on my lunch break. I usually take a run on my lunch break when I'm working from home, but today I'm taking it easy because of the cleanse. I sort of enjoyed my Maroon Five. It's just funny to me how this drink was my absolute favorite on day one and ended up being in last place by day 3.

Juice 4: Green Lantern
I just wanted to share this picture to show you how the juices settle. They look kind of odd when you first grab them from the fridge, but it's nothing a good shake can't cure! I had this one around 2:30 or 3, and sipped it as I did some work.

No, I did not eat that! 
The most difficult part of my day came at around 6:00 when I was making my fiance dinner. He's been really busy with work and some studying up, and I had all the time in the world since I wasn't hitting the gym and had worked from home all day. So, I ended up putting together a dinner of chicken, quinoa with parmesan and feta, and sauteed vegetables with Bobby's All Purpose Seasoning (delicious and gluten free). The hard part was not tasting it. I would have sold my first born child for just a piece of broccoli. 

Juice 5: Maroon Five
I didn't get to this one until around 6:30. I only had a small cup of it and didn't finish the bottle, because I just wasn't desiring it, and I've been told it's important to listen to your body during a cleanse. So, I drank about half the bottle and popped it back in the fridge. Today is my last scheduled day of drinking it, but I figured I could sub it for a snack tomorrow if I wanted to (will I?).

Juice 6: Cashew Milk
I had been looking forward to this all day. I decided to drink it straight up - no ice cubes, no blender - because I legitimately wanted to savor every sip. I took a picture toward the end as I said goodbye to my favorite delicious treat. I actually got a little sentimental... about cashew milk... obviously this cleanse is getting to my brain.

I am feeling... happy, content, not really hungry. I feel like I could actually keep going if I wanted to. Too bad I have to attend a wine tasting tomorrow night, so I've got to be able to at least put Quinoa or something in my stomach just to take a few sips.

I am craving... Vegetables. This is so weird. Yesterday, I just wanted carbs and pizza and bagels and pretzel buns, but now, on day 3, all I really want is broccoli.

Physically... I feel pretty darn good. I almost feel like I could go on a run or go lift weights but I know better than to do that on pretty much an empty stomach. Point is, I have energy. Yesssss. 

Rate the juices... In order from favorite to least favorite: Cashew Milk, Haute Lemonade, Green Lantern, Maroon Five


  1. What app is that for you to monitor your sleep quality??? I am so interested in seeing how my sleep quality ranks compared to the quantity of sleep i get!!


    1. Hey Dana! I have the Jawbone UP, which comes with an app that monitors your sleep... BUT, I used to use Sleep Cycle, which was like $1.99 to get on the iPhone. So, if you're not ready to invest in the Jawbone UP, you could use that!


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