Peeled Juice Cleanse: Day 1

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**In case you missed it, I'm doing a 3 day Juice Cleanse from Peeled Chicago. Read about why I'm doing it and what it entails here. **

Day one. Since my cleanse was starting and vigorous cardio or weights is discouraged, I got up early for a Pilates class. I don't plan on working out the rest of the days, but I really love this class and figured it wasn't too intense so I could try it out. By the time I got home, I was pretty hungry and really excited to try my first juice.

Juice 1: The Green Lantern 
"Green means go. Start each day of your Peeled Cleanse with our signature green juice. Cold pressed with chlorophyll rich romaine lettuce, young spinach leaves, vitamin C-rich cucumber, iron packed parsley, the alkalizing qualities of celery stalks and fresh lemon, immune boosting ginger root and naturally sweet organic green apples -- this is the most important drink of the Peeled cleanse program. A multi-vitamin and the combined nutrients of 5 full servings of fruits and vegetables in just one 16-oz drink." 

At almost exactly 8am, I popped open the first drink. I have read that some people don't really like this one, but, to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it. It definitely tastes "green" (there's a lot of parsley flavor in there), but there is some really yummy spice to it. I finished it pretty quickly and felt very satisfied. Thumbs up.

After the Green Lantern and before my next juiced drink, I had a cup of water with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar (allowed... I think?) and a cup of Green Tea (definitely allowed). I'm a semi regular coffee drinker (I drink it 3-4 times a week but if I'm in a rush, I skip it and have no problems), so the warm green tea simulated the comfort and ritual of drinking coffee. I also drink green tea on the regular at work so it wasn't a huge departure from normal life.

Juice 2: Haute Lemonade
"Continue to further alkalize your system with our spicy Peeled cayenne lemonade - a tart and energizing twist on an everyday classic. Naturally sweetened with organic agave nectar and grade A maple syrup, our lemonade works to further cleanse the intestinal walls of the digestive track and increase the alkalinity of the blood and water in our bodies. Lemons diminish the oxidative effects of free-radicals."

I was really looking forward to this one, and pretty much counted down the minutes until 10am, when I cracked it open. I'd heard a lot of good things about Haute Lemonade, plus, sometimes I make my own water with lemon and cayenne, so I figured I would like it. The first sip was VERY strong, and at first I worried that my expectations would be wrong. But, when I continued drinking, I loved it. Beats the Green Lantern, which I also liked, so... Thumbs up.

I then proceeded to down ANOTHER cup of Green Tea. I felt like I was still half asleep for some reason. As I mentioned, I only drink coffee about 3-4 days per week, so I'm definitely not in the situation where missing a morning of coffee gives me any issues... so I'm not sure what exactly was causing my issues.

Juice 3: Maroon Five
"This maroon concoction will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. The betacyanin of the beets and carrots are natural anti-cancer agents, while the juice itself acts as a diuretic. Beet juice along with the lemon and ginger aids in elimination of excess fluid from the system while this sweet kick gives you energy. Antioxidants stream straight into your blood stream, liver and for continued detoxification and furthered alkalinity."

Just after noon, I grabbed my third juice and headed over to State Street on my "lunch" to pick up a gift. It was a lunch-on-the-go, so having a pre-juiced option was really nice. I started thinking that, once I get a juicer (one of many things on my wedding registry that I want to buy now but am forcing myself to wait for), I should pre-juice some lunches and do it on the go.

Of all the cleanse juices, I was most worried about the Maroon 5. No, not because it's named after a screechy pop band, but because it sounds weird (beets? carrots? iffy). Plus, it's red and looks like TruBlood. Truth be told, I actually ended up loving it. I think for now I'll place it in between Haute Lemonade and Green Lantern.

Juice 4: Green Lantern 
"Return to green, Your body has officially undergone the first series of the Peeled cleanse - returning to your green drink is your body's opportunity to absorb the greatest quantity of nutrients available in this drink. The further we cleanse, the more easily healthy whole foods integrate with our system. This drink will provide you with improved energy and alertness - a perfect boost for mid-afternoon!"

At 2pm, I opened my fourth juice. I had a class at work this afternoon, so I casually brought the juice to my class and popped it open, like clockwork, right at the two hour mark. I enjoyed it just as much as I did in the morning, and honestly, it was kind of fun to watch people around me trying to figure out what the heck I was drinking.

Juice 5: Maroon Five
"Your vitamin-rich beet, carrot, apple-based juice returns as your fifth drink to refresh and re-vitalize your system. The vitamins continue with a kick to keep your day of detoxifying strong!"

At 4pm, while still in my class, I slipped out to the fridge and grabbed by next Maroon 5. Loved this yet again. I was actually craving it (since I knew it was up next) by the time 4:00 rolled around. I was a little cranky because this is usually the time of day I start thinking about what I should make for dinner. All I wanted was some freaking crunch.

Also, no picture on this, but the Maroon 5 seriously turned my teeth red. I didn't notice this until I saw myself in my desk mirror as I was talking. #OOPS

Juice 6: Cashew Milk
"You did it! Your blood and body are running on high. Brimming with the nutrients introduced throughout the day. This is your body's energy in its most natural state. Listen to it and relax into our deceptively decadent cashew milk - a creamy protein rich smoothie full of healthy lignans and vitamin E. This is the perfect nightcap to a day of healthy "drinking." Your belly and mind will thank you for this gentle and most welcome indulgence. The combined scent and taste of sweet and spice work to comfort the senses and prepare the body for a good night's sleep."

When I got home from work, I was really tired. I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch something mindless (Sex and the City? Friends?) and go to bed. I finally opened my Cashew Milk at about 6:30.

I was really looking forward to something creamy... but, to be honest, I just wanted a freaking bagel. And I don't ever really eat or crave bagels. I just wanted something to chew on, something crunchy. Bagels, Pita Chips, Sun Chips, Fries... Any of it would have put me over the moon. On top of that, I made my fiance dinner (chicken breast with cheesy quinoa) and I really wanted some of the Quinoa, just because I made it so darn cheesy (why did I do that to myself?! ah!). But, I made it through and ended up loving the Cashew Milk. It's very rich and I think the fats and proteins were just what my body needed.

Another tempting issue? My order from Vitacost came in, which included CORE ProBars, Quest Bars, PowerCrunch bars, and KIND bars. I opened them all up to put into little bags for my fiance so they are pre-combined and he just has to grab a bag... but it was so hard not to try one of the Quest bars and KIND bars. Serious self control.

I am feeling... Excited, physically confused, very very cold.
Still pretty excited. I don't think my system started realizing it was a cleanse until the evening. My fiance told me that my eyes looked like I was getting sick, so I'm guessing my body was starting to struggle from some kinds of withdrawal. Also, starting around lunch time, I have been extremely cold and wearing multiple layers of sweaters, jackets, and blankets.

I am craving... Something to chew on. 

Physical side effects... Just very tired.

More tomorrow!


  1. I was living in a level of pain before I came to know that green drinks existed. Now, once I stop taking the product for a few days I immediately feel my energy levels drop, headaches set in, and I feel pretty out of it. The second I get going on it again, I feel myself coming back into alignment with lots of energy.

    1. Wow! I am so glad that you are seeing so much success from it!


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