Peeled Juice Cleanse Day 2

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**In case you missed it, I'm doing a 3 day Juice Cleanse from Peeled Chicago. Read about why I'm doing it and what it entails here. **

I slept like a freaking baby last night. 8 hours and 54 minutes of sheer unconscious bliss. The write up on Cashew Milk said it would prepare my body for a good night's sleep... and that, it did. I woke up with a slight headache, but that almost always happens to me when I sleep more than 8 full hours, so I'm not sure if that is cleanse related or not.

Juice 1: Green Lantern
I left for work at 8am. After packing my mid day juices in my trusty back pack, I grabbed my Green Lantern and drank it in transit. I still enjoy the taste, but I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that I have to keep drinking the same things. I realized that I will drink The Green Lantern 6 times within these 3 days. Same goes for Maroon 5. Why do I have to drink the same things so many times? I wish Peeled would have varied it a bit more for me. Kind of disappointing.

Also, my stomach hurts.

In likely related news, I am obviously cranky. That rant above, itself, proves my point. 

Juice 2: Haute Lemonade
Since getting to work, my stomach had been hurting pretty badly. I was also extremely thirsty but had no appetite for water, itself. So, I hit up the green tea... only to take a few sips. What's with being really thirsty and yet not being able to drink? It's like a hangover.

Anyway, I popped open my Haute Lemonade around 10:15 and sipped it as I worked. I was just so cold and started to think it was from consuming only cold things, so I decided to make this drink warm. I wasn't sure if it was safe to microwave the juice, though (after all, they're big on raw veggies, so... ), so I just filled my cup half way and then topped it off with hot water. It wasn't hot, but it was pretty warm, and really helped warm me up. Plus, it made it at least slightly different than yesterday.

Juice 3: Maroon Five
On my lunch, I walked to LaSalle and the Chicago River to meet my fiance. He knew I just had a juice, so he kindly ate his lunch at work before meeting me. We walked around for a bit as I drank my juice, and it was okay. Not amazing. 

Also, my fiance tried it. His judgement? "Tastes ginger-ey." Yep, sure does. I like that part of it, though. Helps take the edge off of an otherwise dark and heavy drink (carrots and beets, you know).

Juice 4: Green Lantern
2:00 rolled around and I wasn't particularly excited for my green drink. I just wasn't hungry yet and was kind of on overkill on the green and red juices. Finally, around 3, I grabbed it and sipped away as I did some work at my desk.

Juice 5: Maroon Five
Totally skipped it. Wasn't feeling it at all and had no desire to open it. Just wanted my Cashew Milk!

Juice 6: Cashew Milk!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was SO excited for this by the time 6:30ish rolled around that I "milked" it for all it was worth. I blended it up with ice cubes and cinnamon for an "ice cream" treat (read: I got to use a spoon for the first time in 48+ hours!), and drank the rest of it without ice. So delicious... so happy... apparently this is now my favorite one.

Before bed, I had a little hot water with lemon. I wanted something warm to prepare me for bed for some reason (read: still fREEZING). So, I sat in bed and watched Sex and the City on HBOGo (had to be something that required like zero thought) and drank my lemon water.

I am feeling... empty, hungry, tummy hurts. Hungry hungry.

I am craving... CARBS! And anything crunchy. I found myself making a list of things I wanted to eat... The funny thing is, these are mostly foods that I rarely eat, and yet they are what I am craving during the cleanse.

<--things I want to eat

Physical side effects... My skin is freaking out a little bit, runny nose, sore.

More tomorrow!


  1. I feel like I'd go crazy on a juice cleanse but I can't say that I'm not intrigued!

    1. Trust me, I am going crazy. I had the same thought as you when I saw other people doing it, but then I saw a Gilt deal and took the plunge. All I want is a bagel...


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