Peeled Juice Cleanse

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Today starts my juice cleanse! I'm doing a 3 day Cleanse from Peeled Chicago.

I had it in my head that starting the cleanse a day or two after returning from NYC would be ideal. But, as life would have it, I was not on top of my game and forgot to set it up with Peeled. They were very helpful in working with me to schedule a time that was as soon as possible (I must have seemed so dramatic - they obliged, though!).

Why am I doing a juice cleanse?
  1. It seems like the right time to do it. When I went to New York, let's just say it was a gluttonous weekend. 
  2. I need to jump-start my nutrition plan. I knew in advance that I wanted to do a juice cleanse afterward, to jump-start a pretty strategic eating/nutrition plan in anticipation of summer and the big event
  3. I want to try something exciting and new. I'm always jumping at new fads and concepts (to my fiance's dismay, probably). I've been yearning to do a juice cleanse for a while, now.
  4. Discipline my cravings and need for food. I get hit hard by the hunger troll. It tends to happen around 2 or 3 pm and occasionally leads to me eating half a box of banana nut cheerios or a whole box of Special K Cracker Chips. Is this the end of the world? No. But it's not a need and it bothers me that I become suddenly hit with a desire to eat something that is not even very good for me. So, part of this process is to teach my body that I don't NEED to eat crunchy chips and crackers at 3pm to survive.
What does the cleanse entail?
  • Each day will include six 16-ounce bottles of juices, to be drank every 2 hours. They will total an average of 1,200 calories per day.
  • I'm allowed to drink plenty of water with lemon and a cup of green tea in between.
  • They suggest that you chill it out on exercise during the cleanse. Probably will do some very light stuff like take the dog on a long walk and maybe do yoga and pilates.

I picked it up last night and am now on juice number two. Will update you more later...


  1. Hey, I didn't quite understand this. What does it do? Is this to stop cravings? Weightloss? For beauty-health? Answer me? ;)


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