Post-Juice Cleanse Wisdom

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The Three-Day Cleanse I just did has really increased my awareness of my body and its needs. I didn't realize it during the cleanse, itself, but it became readily apparent on my first day without it. Here's the story.

I'm not hungry for as much at once.
  • How I learned: For breakfast, I started with one banana and two tablespoons of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter. I had read that you shouldn't add nuts back in immediately, but my body really wanted it, so I listened. I had roasted a bunch of veggies the night before and was pumped to eat them, but once I finished my banana, I realized I was no longer hungry, so I packed up my veggies and some fruit and brought it all to work. 

Coffee isn't that great.
  • My first attempt: I tried to have some coffee with breakfast. I'm trying to stay away from dairy (very hard for a cheese lover), so I just added a few drops of Vanilla Stevia to black coffee. I tried a sip and "icked" out loud. Not for me. I just didn't like the flavor all of a sudden, so I didn't drink it.
  • My second attempt: A few hours later, I wanted to try again. I decided to try a Tall Soy Latte from Starbucks. It was definitely delicious and easy to get down... But, a few hours later, I found myself craving my juices from the past few days, and I realized I wished I had done a juice instead of coffee. Maybe I need to start juicing in the morning and bringing it to work as a pick me up?
  • What my body told me: I took my juice cravings as an indicator that my body wanted the nutrients it had gotten used to receiving on such a regular basis. This was actually really encouraging to me, because it made me realize how seriously my body takes everything I put into it. Apparently soy milk and caffeine do not count as a quality snack (though it did wake me up). Big surprise there... not.

My body is talking to me... about sodium.
  • How I used to feel about sodium: I generally try to stay away from high sodium soups and such, and try not to add salt to my cooking, but other than that, I haven't had a history of looking up sodium counts. 
  • What my body's saying about sodium: I had been planning on a quinoa bowl from Protein Bar for lunch, but for some reason the thought of it was making me uneasy. I figured there was something about it that my body knew was wrong for me, so I looked up the stats. Turns out, their menu is fairly high in Sodium (like 40% of the recommended sodium intake for someone on a 2,000 calorie diet... which means even more than 40% for a tiny person).

The moral of the story?
MY BODY WANTS HEALTHY THINGS IN APPROPRIATE PORTION SIZES! It's like the cleanse was a functional "re-set" button on my nutritional habits and now all I crave are healthy items. Let's see how long I can ride this baby out...

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  1. Once I reached detoxification after a week of drinking the green juice, I had a level of mind clarity like I had never experienced before. I felt like my mind was being opened to an entire new world that I had never experienced up to that point.


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