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I have my bridal dress fitting this upcoming Tuesday! I'm so excited to see the dress again, try it on, and see how it will look when it truly fits. In anticipation, I'm trying to stay consistent with my workouts and follow some kind of plan instead of the "seeing what happens" approach I sometimes take. 

This week was pretty varied. I included a few runs (mostly short runs with my dog), Bodypump (weights), TRX (body weight resistance), Pilates, hot Pilates, Ballet Barre Burn, and Spinning. As far as variation goes, I made it happen.

For those of you who are worried about my dog on a long run: yes, we take many breaks. Mostly sniffing breaks.

Wednesday: 45 Minute Interval Run
Thursday: Bodypump (60 Minutes) + 30 Minute Stairmaster Sprint
Friday: TRX Class (60 Minutes) + 60 Minute Run w/ the dog
Sunday: 60 Minutes Barre Burn Class (awful) + 60 Minute Run w/ the dog
           -Oh my gosh this class was awful, boring, and really not a workout at all. I had to take my dog on a run/walk afterward just to blow off some steam at how frustrating it was being stuck in a 60 minute long class that felt like a waste of my time. 
Monday: Spinning Class (60 Minutes) + Bodypump (60 Minutes)
           -I had all the time in the world on Monday, because my fiance was taking a practice GMAT, so I had like 4 hours to kill before we could do anything together. I ended up taking two classes and then cooking a bunch of food. Sounds about right.
Tuesday: Pilates Class (30 Minutes) + 20 Minutes Stairmaster
            -I haven't taken this class yet, so I'm slightly nervous because it is arm-focused and that is not my strong suit. Here's hoping I can make it through the class tonight without dropping something!

What about you? How much variation do you get in your workouts?

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