Workout Regimens are Always Tentative

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Last week, I shared my tentative fitness plan. Well, you know what they say. The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men... often go awry when you're having fun?

I actually didn't stray too far from the plan, but there were a few deviations. On Saturday, instead of Spinning, I did a leisurely 4 mile run. I was in recovery mode. You know why...

Then, instead of taking a Muscle Definition Class on Monday, I opted for a 3 mile walk/run because my sister was in the city for an interview. How can you not hang out with your sissy? Not possible. So, instead of going to the class, we had hummus and salads in the beer garden at Grandview Tavern.

Other than that, I think I pretty much nailed it.

Wednesday: 3.5 mile interval run
Thursday: Bodypump (60 minutes), 15 minute Stairmaster Sprint, Body by Science (BBS)
Friday: Mercury Method Hot Pilates Class ("Control" class, 60 minutes)
Saturday: 4 mile run
Sunday: Bodypump (60 minutes), CXWorx (30 minutes ab class)
Monday: 3 mile walk/run
Tuesday: Pilates (60 minutes), 3 mile run
Wednesday: Treadmill HIIT, 4 mile total run

Some thoughts... I apparently have done a lot of short runs this week. I'm not exactly sure why or how they slipped in there, but 3-4 miles seems to be my go-to. It's easy to squeeze that amount of time in, I guess.

Also... I love bodypump. Planning to post later about how I've managed to increase my weight, but let me just say... you can always do more than you think.


  • Do you set an exercise schedule in advance or just wing it?
  • Have you ever tried Bodypump or another weights class?

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