A Weekend of Wedding Progress

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The past week has been filled with wedding progress. The good kind. The kind where you don't even have to argue with anyone, because everyone pretty much just agrees.

Hallelujah. That's my kind of wedding progress.

On Thursday night, we met my parents at our catering company for a menu tasting. Without going into too much detail (come on now, can't spoil the fun before the wedding), let me just say that everything was amazing. I thought wedding food was typically not that great? So wrong.

Fiance was a fan. Two huge hunks of meat for him to taste? Nothing better.

Afterward, we met up with fiance's parents downtown. They were having dinner at our Rehearsal Dinner spot, so we were excited to scope it out. We had a few drinks and then got to see the room we'll have that night.

No, those are not our flowers - just some pictures
the florist was showing us and the center piece she had sitting out.
Don't get too excited!

Saturday, I went to the florists with my mother and sister. We are using Ashland-Addison Florists, and Meagan is so extremely competent that she made me feel right at home and it was totally stress-free.

Full day of wedding planning appointments means
cute shoes are necessary.

We also stopped at our ceremony and reception venue in Bridgeport, just to check it out again and make sure the expectation matched reality. We did a walk through and chatted a bit more about where we will put things and such.

Then, on Monday, we got a call from our printer for our invitation suites, letting us know that the invites are DONE and ready for pick up!

And today? Today, I've got my first dress fitting appointment! :) Ready to see my wedding gown?




Just kidding!

Six days of pure progress? I'll take it!

What about you?

  • Do you have any events or deadlines looming ahead?


  1. gown is GORG. shows off your fab body!

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