An Impromptu Invitation Stuffing Party

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Last week, we had an impromptu invitation stuffing party. The invites I designed were finally back from our printer, and we were on a bit of a time crunch to get the invites out.

My mom and aunt came over on Thursday after work, and we got to business. We tried to do it assembly line style, where we each had a specific job to do in the process.

My mom, the kindergarten teacher, has wonderful handwriting. So, we played to her strengths and put her on address duty.

Hazel obviously had an important part to play, too. Laying around, looking cute, and rolling over at your feet isn't as easy as it looks.

Of course, when you're forcing your family to do slave labor hard work, you have to feed them. We ordered a few rolls of sushi, pot stickers, and edamame from a local sushi spot and had it delivered. Veggie straws also made an appearance.

Another must for invite stuffing party? Alcohol. It's only fair to serve alcohol when you're bonding over how long it's taking to stuff the invites (or how bad of an idea it was to tie twine on EVERY invitation). My aunt and I had sparkling peach wine, and my mom had some Skinnygirl Sangria.

Now, I'm guessing you're waiting for me to post a picture of the invite now! Not happening. Late next week, though, you're in for a treat!

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