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Now that my "Save The Dates" are long received (and our invitations are out!), I'm finally sharing our Save The Date cards.

Because my fiance had a photographer lined up for a photo shoot right after we got engaged (literally - we went straight there!), we already had a bunch of great pictures of the two of us. I had shared some of the images on Facebook, but kept most of my favorites for use in things like Save The Dates, Wedding and shower invites, etc.

That meant that, when it came to designing our own Save The Date cards, we had a plethora of gorgeous pictures to choose from. But, we didn't even have to discuss it, because there was one picture that we were all drawn to.

I knew from the start that I wanted to design my own Save The Date. There's something about stock cards online that just puts me off, and I am so visually particular that I would probably be a designer's worst nightmare anyway, so hiring someone seemed out of the question. Since starting a consulting business, I'm now seasoned enough in Photoshop that I thought it was something I could do on my own.

I ended up going with a front that was very simple - this awesome picture of us kissing near the Kinzie Street Bridge, with some slightly transparent text on top of it.

The Front of our Save The Date card

If you read my post about designing my own wedding monogram, you might recall that we wanted "Vintage with a touch of modern." It is how I would describe our style, and it's the description my fiance says he used when designing my ring (they actually took some CAD designs for a more vintage looking ring and modernized and customized it to fit that description). I am equally drawn to weddings that are very vintage as well as weddings that are modern, so to choose just one or the other would have been difficult and left me feeling like something was missing. So, Justin and I decided on two typefaces to use on our wedding stationary. 

The first, Raleway, is very modern. It is sans serif (or, as I call it, "without feet"), and is very clean looking. It's also the typeface I was drawn to a long time ago, when I started my blog and used it for my header.

The second, Modern No. 20, is a bit more vintage. It is a serif typeface ("with feet") and has a bit more of a vintage, country vibe to it. The most ironic part is that it has modern in its name, but we're using it as our more vintage font. 

The Back of our Save The Date card

On the back, we used our custom wedding monogram. In some shape or form, it is on every item in our wedding stationary suite - from the save the dates to the bachelorette party information. Here, we used it with light blue lettering to give the back of the Save The Date card a bit of color.

Because our wedding is the same weekend as Lollapalooza (yes, we are insane), we decided to put some hotel information on our Save The Date to encourage our guests to book their rooms early. We also added our own hash tag for twitter and instagram, because I do social media consulting, so it seemed like a crime to not have social media be a part of our big day!

And last but not least, information about our website. Yeah, we bought the domain name. Not sure what we'll use it for after the wedding, but I'm sure we'll find some fun stuff to fill it with!

What about you?

  • How would you describe your style?
  • Would you ever design your own Save The Date or Invitations? 

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