My Bachelorette Weekend, Part 1

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I am so blessed my by friends and family. 

To everyone who was in town this weekend at our Bachelor/Bachelorette events, Thank you! You are awesome and made us feel so special! Thank you for spending your time with us.

To everyone else, here's the story:


After many, many weeks of anticipation, my bachelorette weekend has finally come (and, unfortunately, since it's Monday... it has now gone, too. Sniff sniff. Somebody hold me).

My sister and cousin planned a super fun Friday night for us. We started by meeting up near my apartment. My bridesmaids and I each had manicure appointments, and we all got no chip. I considered being adventurous but ended up opting for my new favorite standby: I Theodora You.

Bridal Party Manicures

This nail place is a bit on the smaller side, so we pretty much closed the place down because of the size of our party. Sorry we're not sorry... you're welcome for the business. The nail techs were having a great time and we all joked around while they finished our nails.

Afterward, we went back to my apartment, where "Survival Kits" for "The Lost Weekend" were waiting for us (props to my sister on how beautiful they are - she made them). We each got some Emergen-C, Green Tea, a Silver Glitter Wine Glass, and a monogrammed robe.

My super talented cousin made us these custom robes. On the back is a black and pink version of my wedding monogram. The front has some pink embellishment and then the first letter or our first name (so mine has a C, my sister's has an A, and so on).

Bridal Party Sparkly Wine Glasses

My sister had also made us some beautiful wine glasses. Mine said Bride, and the rest of them had the bridesmaids' initials in paint marker. The stems are silver and glittery, because my sister used mod podge (is that how you spell it?) to decorate them.

We also had some delicious Lavender Lemonade that my cousin came up with. We combined water, lemon juice, stevia, and lavender (which we later strained out) and let people mix it with vodka or champagne. Mostly champagne. It was delicious and perfectly girly.

We also distributed these gorgeous hangers. I ordered one for each girl off of Etsy so that they could keep their dresses on them and we can still use them for pictures on the wedding day. Note: There are only 4 hangers. I actually have 5 bridesmaids, but one of them was unable to fly in because of some family health issues, so we had to make do without her! [Love you Kels!]

Bride To Be... with my dog's bacon bone sitting down behind my feet.

Once we were all ready to go, they adorned me with traditional bachelorette garb and we headed out the door to head over to Pump Room. When we got there, a few of the girls had already arrived, and we had a big table for about 15 right in the center of the dining room.

While we were eating, two guys came up and proposed a toast. They were hilarious and toasted me as though we had been friends for a million years - saying things like, "It's been a roller coaster and we have watched you turn into a wonderful woman." They were cracking us up and we just let them keep going!

Bachelorette Party Dinner @ The Pump Room

We were at Pump Room for quite a while. Our dinner took two hours (and we didn't sit down until 9:15), so by the time we were finished eating, the bar area behind us was pretty active. We decided to grab another drink there before moving to a new spot. After some hilarious interactions with a drunken British man named Charlie, we eventually peaced out and found a cab.

We finally headed to The Twisted Spoke. Totally different crowd over there, and instead of glam and pomp and circumstance, it was chill and quieter. We had another drink there and actually ran into my fiance, his cousin, and my brother, who were on their way back to their hotel for more bachelor party festivities.

By this point in the night, I was feeling pretty good and had to snap a selfie to prove that my makeup had stayed on all night. Way to go, bride to be.

After The Twisted Spoke, we hung out at my apartment for a bit and ended up hitting the sack around 2:30am. We had some big plans (Part 2 of the Bachelorette Weekend) for Saturday, so we didn't want to be too crazy and mess anything up.

More to come :)


  1. How is it possible that you AND your friends are so brilliantly crafty?! I Love all of this! Looks like blast!

    1. Haha, you're cute! I think it runs in the family :) It was totally a blast!


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