This Week's Workout Schedule

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Another week in the books, yall. I'm calling it a success. I'm gearing up for my bachelorette weekend, which involves some clothing I am rather excited about (not to mention... SHOES!). Stay posted for a photo dump.

I'm not going to lie to you here, I have no idea what I did on Wednesday. I know that I followed my plan, and my calendar just has "AM Cardio" from 6-7am. Other than that, I am clueless. 

Obligatory "Hot Room, Legs and Towel" Picture. Wonder if Lara is sick of me taking these yet!

THURSDAY: AM Bodypump, PM Runner's High @ The Mercury Method
For some reason (read: went out to dinner the night before, so I was probably on a carb overload -ALSO I SAW MICHAEL JORDAN, which I've mentioned 8124 times), Bodypump was a breeze on Thursday morning. I upped my weight on almost everything, but still felt like I hadn't worked that hard. Bizarre, because usually, I feel like I'm going to die during Bodypump.

So, in the afternoon, I hit up a Runner's High class at my favorite new spot, The Mercury Method. The class is geared at stretching and strengthening the big and tiny parts of your body that contribute to running. One of my coworkers is a runner and mentioned that even attending just one of these classes had significantly improved her pace, so with the Run for Boston 5k coming up, I figured I'd give it a try. IT. WAS. AWESOME. 

FRIDAY: Skip Day
I took the train up to the suburbs for my mamasita's birthday, so I decided to not only take a day off, but also eat a ton of food and have a few cocktails. Seems like a good idea before a race, right?  I'm only partially serious...

I didn't turn my Heart Rate Monitor off immediately after crossing the finish line, because I continued to move around and wanted to get an accurate idea of how many calories I burned by running a 5k, just for future reference (Priorities...). It ended up being about 350. Not particularly impressive.
SATURDAY: Run for Boston 5k
My actual time for the 5k was 23:23, which is awesome given my encounter with Michael Jordan on Wednesday night. Oh, and also awesome given that it's a PR. #Winning

In all honesty, I'm not sure if it was a fluke or what. I run somewhat frequently (maybe 2ish times per week), but I don't train for races because I have a serious case of what I like to call "Workout ADHD." My running consists of...

  • 3-4 mile runs with my dog which are taken at a leisurely pace
  • 4-7 mile runs at the gym while catching up on TV shows (read: trying to watch Game of Thrones without exposing the entire gym to a nude scene)
  • Leisurely 15 minute runs (no idea on distance) to/from my classes at The Mercury Method

I definitely have the race bug after this last race - as soon as I crossed the finish line, I started strategizing on the next weekend I could run, and am planning on an 8k, 10k, and possibly a half-marathon (don't hold me to that, I have ADD, remember?!). That said, I refuse to follow a training plan, at least over the summer, so we'll see what happens.

I am obsessed with a water bottle. Is this normal? #Halp

This is so very quickly becoming my favorite workout day of the week. It's awful and lasts forever, but I feel so solid and accomplished afterward. 

Also, check out my cute new water bottle! It's glass (with a silicone casing), which I am loving because it seems safer but also tastes much better. This picture doesn't quite capture its neon orange color. My fiance made me choose the neon orange instead of neon pink because "Orange is a Dutch color." Note: It's pretty much the same as the BKR (at the same price), but it holds 19.5oz instead of 16oz and it's skinnier in my bag, which I needed for commuting to work/gym.

MONDAY: 5 Mile Run + 20 Minute Stairmaster
I got on the treadmill with the goal of watching The Bachelorette, only to realize that it's set for "Web only viewing" on Hulu, so I couldn't watch it on my iPad. I considered downloading ABC's app, but was working with about 18% battery (If you fail to plan ahead, you plan to fail? Not me!). I ended up watching an episode of Modern Family and then something else I can't remember.

TUESDAY: Pilates & Shoulder Burn Out
This is becoming a usual, as well. I love walking out of a pilates class with sore shoulders! Post-workout-green-smoothie totally happened.

WEDNESDAY: Runner's High Class @ The Mercury Method
Happening tonight... we'll see!

What about you?
  • Do you plan all of your workouts in advance or do you go with the flow? I have a few days per week that have turned into a plan (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday), but the rest of the time, I just see how it goes.
  • Do you run most days of the week, or just a few like me? 


  1. I run 6 days a week and usually do some strength stuff 1-2x. I haven't been though since I've been injured. I need to get back to it!

  2. I try to plan it out, but often, I find that it's better if I just go with the flow. I don't run at all! Okay, maybe some sprints here or there but that's it.


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