Werkin It Out

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I went to DSW on my lunch break yesterday in search of a new clutch. No dice. What did I end up doing? Trying on a badass pair of heels. 

Are these considered a weapon? 

I was so tempted to buy them and wear them for my bachelorette party weekend, which is coming up this month. But that's when I realized: I already have a few badass pairs of heels that I haven't had a reason to wear yet. I guess it's time to bust those babies out.

Time to work those calf muscles...

Just because it's creepy looking doesn't mean you have to judge.

Wednesday: 15 minute Elliptical, 30 minute Treadmill
On Tuesday night, I had my first dress fitting for my wedding gown. Because I was out in the 'burbs, I ended up having dinner with my mom and sister and just crashing at my parents' house. In the morning, I finished watching The Bachelorette (seriously, when you watch it on Hulu, there are so many commercials that it's just like watching it live). After about 30 minutes, when I was on the treadmill, my mom came down and hopped on the elliptical next to me. It was too cute.

My "5:30 is too early for a wakeup call" face.

Thursday: Bodypump 
I've been recording my Bodypump weights in a note on my phone. Ever since I started doing that about a month ago, I've been able to increase my weights in almost everything. I also now feel like a badass because I'm pumping more weights than almost everyone in the class. Lesson: You can lift more than you think.

I just take notes of how much I lifted, and how I felt. Then, when I'm loading up my bar for each track, I reference my notes. If last time was easy, I increase the weight. If it was "good," I typically increase there, too. If it was "good/hard," I leave it put. And if it was "very hard" (or sometimes just "FML!"), I might drop it down so I don't injure myself. That's my basic method right now.

And yes, this was followed by the Mean Green Post-Workout Smoothie.

Red in the face = happy runner

Friday: 7 mile run
I have a love/hate relationship with long runs (Note: Some of you think 7 miles constitutes a "short" run. You're super heroes. I'm not). When I am in the habit of making my runs last a long time, I enjoy them... but it makes me hungry angry hangry if I do too many of them in one week. I'm currently experimenting with eliminating gluten from my diet (more on that later - I started having allergic reactions to gluten - boo), so it's hard to find much that satisfies me, because all I want is a pretzel bun or pizza. I'm trying to incorporate longish runs about once a week, so that I keep my endurance but don't over-do it on my joints (or appetite).

Hot class + Hot outside = Lose the soaking wet shirt, woman.

Saturday: 20 minute run to The Mercury Method, Barre Fly Class, 20 minute run home
I used to either drive to The Mercury Method if it was an early 6am class, or have my fiance drop me off and pick me up if it was a later one (there is limited parking in the area). Lately, I've started running to the class. It's perfect because a 20 minute run gets my heart rate up, which keeps it a bit higher during the entire hot workout (it's 98+ degrees! yikes). Then, my run home tends to be part run, part cool down walk, depending on how exhausted I am from the class.

CXWORX tools

Sunday: Bodypump, CXWORX
Back to Bodypump. I love you so much, Les Mills.
I was also super excited for the CXWORX class. I used to go fairly regularly and saw great results, so I'm trying to keep this part of my Sunday routine. Thank God they're both in the same room and one right after the other! Makes it so easy on me.

Monday: 40 minute run
I had a pretty lame run on Monday night. I was major struggle town and alternated between a 6mph jog and a 4mph walk on a high (8-12) incline. I was in a bad mood and there was a lot of "Debbie Downer" talk going on in my head, and I'm convinced that those were the culprits. 

Shoulder Burn-Out in Solitude in the Pilates/Yoga room

Tuesday: 60 minute Pilates class, Shoulder burn out
After the 60 minute pilates class, I did a shoulder burn out routine. Basically, I start with 10 lb weights and do a variety of shoulder exercises. When 10lbs is too much, I drop it down to 8lb. Finally, after I can't do that, I drop it to 5lb. It ends up with totally burned out shoulders and only takes 5ish minutes. Refueled with some protein after that.

Wednesday: We'll see!
My plan was: 20 minute run to The Mercury Method, Control Class, 20 minute run home. But, there's apparently supposed to be a crazy awful storm until later on, so I'm not sure if that will be do-able. I may end up doing my own workout in the apartment, just to avoid being struck by lightning. 

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