Workouts: Bachelorette Parties Deserve Skip Days

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I'm full speed ahead at a work event until tomorrow afternoon, so the wonderful pictures from Parts 2 and 3 of my Bachelorette Weekend will have to wait just a smidge. For now, here's my weekly check in. Many rest days were had.

Wednesday: Runner's High Class @ The Mercury Method
I had a total dork move before this class and ended up locking myself out of my apartment. By the time I got a key from my land lord and was able to change into my workout clothes, I had to SPRINT the 1.7 miles to The Mercury Method. So, let's just say that between sprinting there, having an awesome class, and running (okay, fine, walking) back, I had a pretty great workout on Wednesday.

Thursday: Weights, 60 Minutes
I usually do Bodypump on Thursdays, but my fiance convinced me to take a week off and do weights with him at the gym. It ended up being awesome - the perfect way to surprise my body with some seeeerrrrrious weights. And I'm pretty sure it buffed me up for my sleeveless dresses over the weekend. Exhibit A:

Anyway, moving on...

Friday: 6 Mile Run
You guys... Hunger Games is on Netflix. Seriously. I didn't watch the entire movie (it's like 2 and a half hours), but I did manage to watch the best parts. Which means I started the movie on her way to the capital. Basically the middle 50%, I watched. #Winning

Saturday: Skip (Bachelorette Party'in!) 
I literally had no time on Saturday. That's legit.

Sunday: Skip (Yep... still!)
Yeah, I probably did have time. But, instead, I ate a huge egg sandwich, a big chicken salad, some chocolate cake, some yogurt, two bloody marys, and a beer. Sounds like... well, the day after your bachelorette party.

Monday: Skip (No excuse. Just felt lazy!) 
Totally had time. All I did was work from home during the day. Still no workout. Just wasn't feeling it. Instead, spent some QT with the BF at night and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaxed.

Tuesday: 60 Min Morning Cardio
I went to the gym before work and had a lazy run on the treadmill before actually waking up. Yes, I watched Netflix, but this time I did a little binging on Charmed (childhood favorite... don't judge). It was a pretty ineffective run, I'm sure, because it took me an hour to run 4 measly miles, and I walked a lot. #Whatever

Wednesday: Morning Cardio
TBD. It's thunder storming but I'm considering braving the walk to the gym to fit it in. Otherwise, Insanity DVDs, here I come! :)

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