Bachelorette SNAFUs

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I mentioned a while back that we had we had a couple of SNAFUs the weekend of my Bachelorette parties, which ended up altering the course of our morning. I'm telling myself it was a blessing in disguise, because we got our crazy issues out of the way before the wedding! 

Also, as I look back on it, I'm finding tiny silver linings. This, my friends, is practice in finding gratitude in each and every thing - whether it seems good or bad. #LifeLessons

SNAFU NUMBER ONE: While we were on our way to my hair appointment, I called to find out that they had no record of my reservation. So, we headed home and I quickly dry shampoo'ed the heck out of my day-after-bachelorette-party hair. Did it work? Yeah.

It was a pretty hot day, so it ended up being a blessing in disguise that, instead of a blowout (which would have been heavy and hot on my neck and shoulders), I had an up-do that kept me cool!  Not to mention it showed off the back of my fabulous dress...

Another thing to be grateful for: I later received some mail from the hair studio, apologizing for losing my reservation and sending me gifts and gift cards to make up for it.

SNAFU NUMBER TWO: We were supposed to get to the loft at noon so that my bridesmaids and my mom could start setting up for the party while I had my makeup done by the artist who will be doing it for the wedding. Unfortunately, he got into a fender bender on Lake Shore Drive (not his fault) and was unable to make it (he would have been over two hours late and he would have been doing my makeup during the party, so we just decided to reschedule). 

I ended up doing my own makeup, which was a blessing because I finished it much earlier than the artist would have, so I was able to greet my guests and spend time with them as they arrived.

If you're confused, I'm the black dress on the right with the BRIDE TO BE sash.
Don't worry. People confuse us all the time. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!
Then I got to do another run through a few weeks later, which was the perfect excuse for our date to Oon. Two silver linings yet again!

Finally, SNAFU NUMBER THREE: Traffic up in the burbs was so awful, that my mom was going to show up with all the food and drinks after the party started! This one almost had me melting down, I'm not gonna lie to you. But, ultimately, by the time she arrived, some of my girlfriends and family were there, so we all pitched in and helped carry the food from the car into the elevator and up into the loft. Blessing? More hands, faster prep!

Ultimately, the weekend was just as wonderful as I could have imagined. Though there were obviously a few issues, at the end of the day, I am grateful to have been reminded that, even when the shit hits the fan, there can be a silver lining and it's important to focus on the good!

What about you? 
Ever turn something bad into something good?


  1. Congratulations to the bachelorette!! Wedding planning, partying, etc are so much fun! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. You looked beautiful without the blow out and makeup!


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