"Final" Dress Fitting

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Let's start at the beginning (a very good place to start) <--Sound of Music reference. Noticed it? Five points for you, Glen Coco.

I was going to share a picture of what I wore to work on Tuesday, but then I realized that I looked like a librarian. So... that killed that idea. Black Skirt, Ella Moss. White Blouse, No Idea. Sandals, Jack Rogers. Brown Cardigan, J. Crew. Imagine me as a non-Librarian. K thanks. :)

Basically, here was my Tuesday morning: Start to freak out about all the things on the to-do list for my wedding that are not done. Have a freak out and am late to work as a result. I finally go on a walk, pull up my Bible app and read Song of Solomon, and start to feel a lot better. A lot of positive thinking and Bible searching going on over here.

Feeling crappy? Insecure? Not lovely? Stressed?
No matter the trouble, this gets me every time.

We had an off-site meeting for work at the end of the day, and as we walked into the meeting, we were greeted with beer and wine. I'm not sure if this was exactly what I needed, or exactly what I didn't need, but either way, I took a glass.

You're a cheap date, baby, but I'll take it.

After work, I headed up to the burbs. I had to haul a few things via train, including a pair of heels, because I had not yet gotten properly fitted for the length of my dress. Apparently, I also accidentally brought my empty plastic wine cup. Silly.

I did not intentionally cover up the description on the shoe box, but now I'm kind of glad I did. :)

When I arrived, my brother picked me up at the station and stopped at Starbucks for some brew, then headed to my parents' house for a few hours of wedding crafts (paint this, rub that, pack this, cut that) and more than a sufficient amount of snacking.

I like to order an unsweet iced coffee and then add my own almond milk or whole milk.

Our appointment for my "Final" Dress fitting was at 8:30, so my mom and sister and I drove over after dinner (chicken and greek salad, way to go mom).

Don't get too excited... that's my robe, not my dress!
I slipped into the white robe and they brought my dress into the room! The hemline was actually fine and shouldn't need to be changed, but the BOOBS! Ah. They were not right. Basically, it looked like I had 70 year old librarian boobs (we've come full circle on the librarian thing, no?).

My sister helped me explain to the seamstress what the problem was, and she immediately understood us and found a solution. I am so grateful that she was the one helping us that day, because we have had less competent people in the past. Thanks, God.

Now there are a few more alterations needed... meaning my "Final" Dress Fitting was not final at all and I will have to go back this week. Perfection takes time, my friends.

What do you think?

  • What kind of dress do you think I picked?
  • If you're married, what did YOU choose? Or what WOULD you choose if you were getting married now?


  1. I'm going to assume you picked a lovely dress. I went with an ivory strapless sheath with small train and an asymmetic gold lace overlay. Last year for our 5th anniversary, I shared some pics on the blog. http://www.magmilerunner.com/2012/04/five-years.html


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