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On Sunday, after my makeup artist came over and turned me into a movie star, my fiance took me out on a date. After all, when you've got full makeup on, a date is a must.

Hey there Handsome. Let's date.

We went to Oon, which is a new restaurant that just opened up in the West Loop, on Randolph Street. We heard of the restaurant through a friend, who recently moved to Chicago and started working there as a sous chef. Out of all the restaurants in this great city, he had his heart set on working in Oon's kitchen - which indicated to us that there was something really good going on there (check out their menu here if you're interested).

We were seated at a table in the front, with the Sears-I-Mean-Willis-Tower in sight. I always appreciate being able to see city landmarks from my table, because it reminds me of how blessed we are to live in this great city and to be out and about, enjoying its amenities! 

We started with a cocktail each. I had the "Toga, Toga, Toga," which was a tequila based drink that I loved. When it comes to drinks with tequila in them, a lot of restaurants load up on syrup and sugar in order to try to mask the tequila flavor, so I appreciated that they didn't over-do it in that arena. The flavors complimented the tequila flavor enough to make it even more delicious.

My fiance had a drink that was also delicious, called "Stroh Your Boat To China" or something like that. It was creamy and had cinnamon hints, and reminded me of a White Russian (which doesn't mean much because I rarely drink those, it's just all I could compare it to.

We started with the Grilled Short Rib Appetizer. The description read "Daikon Radish, Maggi-Soy Glaze, Mango Chutney." It was delicious and the Maggi-Soy glaze had a completely new flavor to me.

For our main courses, our friend came out and brought the head chef and owner with him. They briefly explained our meal and we dug in. I had the Halibut, with "Toasted Coconut, Cauliflower Two Ways, Zucchini Puree, and Yuzu." I was impressed by the toasted coconut topping, because it complimented the halibut very well without overpowering it.

My better half went with the Flank Steak, with "Herb Crust, Curried Noodles, Stone Fruit, and Ruby Steak Mustard Greens." Because this dish had noodles and I am currently eating gluten-free, I only had a bite of the steak (which I probably shouldn't have done anyway). My fiance was raving about it, though, and I will admit that the bite I tasted was wonderful.

For dessert, our friend sent over doughnuts with a chili chocolate sauce and an orange cream sauce. I didn't try the doughnuts (that was all for Justin), but I tried the sauces and they were amazing. Seriously, I need to make the chili chocolate sauce because it was so good that I was digging in with my fork.

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