Orange You Glad I Got Some New Shoes?

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Guess what? I hinted at it in this post and I'll hint at it again...

Look, I can stand on one leg!
No, my friends, that is not my ill fated attempt at a yoga move. It is, in fact, a new pair of shoes that I am trying to point at.

I actually had no idea that you are supposed to get new shoes in reasonable intervals. I always got comfy with a new pair and rode it out until my mom made me buy a new pair. I wear the suckers almost every day, though, so I don't know who I was kidding!

My last two pairs were black, because I thought they were low profile and I liked that they didn't scream 'LOOK! I'M WEARING RUNNING SHOES!'

Now, my thoughts have changed. Hand me something bright as a highlighter and send me on my way, please.

After much deliberation (okay, like 30 minutes - I'm not one to dawdle), I went with these babies:

Apparently, they are built with traction for "superior off-road performance." If you know me or read my workout posts, you know I'm not a big off roader. I ran on a path for the Run For Boston 5k, but other than that, I'm a treadmill lady.

I know they look red in the pictures, but I swear to you that they seem orange in person (and the laces are pure orange too). What's so interesting about that fact? Well, I realized yesterday that I have been on an orange binge.

Exhibit A: My Desk. I realized yesterday that I had far too many orange items sitting on my desk. Inside that orange bag? There were TWO ORANGES for me to snack on. Not even kidding. Who am I?

I also almost bought orange Lacoste sunglasses yesterday. By almost, I mean I took some pictures to send my fiance for approval. Somehow, despite approval, I did not purchase.

What do you think? 
Maybe some of you will have to convince me to take my new shoes off road... and stop buying orange things!


  1. Montrails are made for trails (as their name suggests). They are great trail shoes and trail running is lots of fun!

    Heads up though: If you take them trail running, you probably won't be able to wear them to the gym again. My trail shoes are permanently filthy dirty, so I keep a separate pair for the gym/road.

    1. Thanks Whitney! Good point! I will try to keep these babies clean :)

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