Things From Yesterday - Bride Edition

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Or maybe this is just "Girl Who Can't Sit Down" edition. 

Yesterday started with a 6am workout at The Mercury Method. Somehow, I managed to get a great workout in before my brain was even functioning for the day. Proof of a sweaty workout? Sweaty hair.

It was my last day in the office, so I was pretty swamped. Pretty much the entire day consisted of trying to get things done at work with intermittent wedding decision making and coordinating via email. Lunch was a partial chicken breast and half an avocado, which I managed to grab from the refrigerator before leaving. I will not lie to you, it was sub par.

After work, I met my fiance at church to speak with our pastor. We ironed out the details of the ceremony. Yay for having a plan.

After briefly stopping at home for a Quest Bar (had to be done), we headed toward Nordstrom's. I hit up the Bobbi Brown desk in search of the perfect lipstick, on reference of my makeup artists for the wedding. Naturally, I went in looking for one thing, walked out with three. Life goes on, right?

When we left, I had a sudden brilliant idea. My sub par chicken and avo lunch led me to think about its true, awesome, much more complicated sibling: THE MACHO SALAD.

Bandera is just across the street from the Nordstrom's on Michigan Avenue, so naturally there was very little debate. Fate was on our side and positive thoughts prevailed, because when we walked in, we were seated immediately (we shortly later heard them give others an hour wait). We also ran into my girlfriend Kelsey from Texas. Great minds!

We had a nice leisurely meal. I ordered the Macho Salad with no croutons. They are corn bread croutons and the are DELICIOUS, but my skin doesn't like gluten and I was not about to risk it 72 hours before my wedding.

We debated walking home, but opted to just hop in a cab. Once we got home, I answered a million wedding emails (kidding... sort of?) and I did a charcoal mask while drinking hot lemon airborne. Stellar night, I know. Cheers!

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