Treat Yo'Self (But Not To Laundry)

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I have seen other bloggers talking about Pregnancy Brain, which I certatainly do not have, but it does remind me that I have another condition: WEDDING BRAIN.  So, please excuse this jarbled post. I have five things to share and they are only marginally related (and, even then, only if I try very hard). And we're off...

How can you be so beautiful and so mean at the same time? 

1. Meet my new best friend, Jack. He is like any new best friend: I am crushing hard on his beauty, but HE IS HURTING ME. Well, my feet at least. Maybe I need to re-think this relationship... Seriously, though, proof of pain = blister within ten minutes.

2. We met with our band last night to discuss music for our nuptials. I am getting married in ten days, you guys. This is real life. And I can't wait.

3. I have been hot-and-cold on Quest bars lately. At first, I loved them, but then their consistency started to remind me of plastic and after trying other bars I just got sick of the Quest bar taste. But then this guy walked into my life.... MOTHER EFFING COOKIE DOUGH. I figured I'd give it a try. My very first thought was, "Oh my gosh, I bet my fiance would actually eat this one!" It is to die for.

Please excuse my wedding prep mess. It's everywhere and I'm drowning in it.
4. Proof that *somebody* needs to do their laundry: I actually ran and went to the gym today in this get up. I feel that it should not have been allowed, yet I did it anyway. Colors that were invited to the party: Blue, teal, taupe, yellow, purple, orange, red, gray - and pink, if you count my face after my interval workout. I think I actually ROYGBIVd. <-- Can that be a verb?

5. Somebody's spoiled... #treatyoself #preweddingpampering

What about you?
  • What's the most embarrassing outfit you've worn to the gym?
  • Would you rather do laundry or wear something ridiculous?
  • What have you done lately to treat yo'self?

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