Wedding Countdown in Workouts and Food

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My wedding is on FRIDAY! My mind is completely blown and I feel like I'm floating. It has come up so fast, but I can't wait. As I've been gearing up for my big day in a white dress, here's my routine...

WORKOUTS: Rain or shine, day or night, I'm at the gym. Well, mostly early in the morning, when it's barely light outside. This has lead to many half-awake mornings in front of the mirror, chugging my N.O. Explode and giving myself a pep talk. I am not a morning person... but I'm working on it!

To the gym, to The Merc, while watching The New Girl on Netflix... I'm trying to run around town more. When I have appointments, I've been trying to run there instead of taking public transit. I am surprised by how easy it is to just turn those little errands into an excuse to run - and sometimes I even get to my destination faster than if I used public trans!

Hot Pilates/Toning Classes @ The Mercury Method! 
My routine is to run there, do the hour long workout, and run home. Each way is about 1.7 miles, so it ends up being a very well rounded workout by the time you add it all up. An hour of hot (literally) toning plus a 3.4 mile run? Perf. It also means that, because of running there (and sometimes sprinting to avoid being late), I frequently START the hot classes with a face that is ALREADY red.

Weights Galore! 
I pumped the most weight EVER in Bodypump this week and it felt like a serious personal accomplishment. Weddings are big motivators!

I've also been keeping up with Body By Science and doing one or two weights days per week with my fiance. He is a tough trainer...

FOOD & DRINK: My main strategy has been to avoid as much dairy, salt, and alcohol as possible, while loading up on protein and fat and limiting the carbs. This amounts to lots of fish, chicken, avocado, and Perfect Fit protein shakes.

I know I said I was kind of avoiding dairy... but let's be real, a grande unsweet iced coffee with a splash of whole milk is the bomb.

Morning tonic: Water (or Sparkling Water) + 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Psyllium husk and protein between meals: I bought psyllium husk and, let me just say, that stuff is like mud water. I don't care how awesome you think you are, it is just not good. So, I started mixing it with one packet of Perfect Fit Protein Powder and it is delicious! Tastes like brown sugar in a cup. Winning. Plus, for 90 calories, this thing has over 15g of protein and is PACKED with fiber.

Protein Salads: This one features blackened tilapia, butter lettuce, onion, and some drizzled balsamic vinegar and olive oil. And obviously... sriracha.

This one is similar, minus the sriracha, plus avocado and nutritional yeast (TASTES LIKE CHEESE OMG).

This one can hardly be called a salad. In my attempts to get as much protein and fat as possible, I occasionally just go straight to the good stuff: Crock pot chicken and avocado. YUM.

Meanwhile, my fiance (who is 6 foot 7 and seems to be able to eat whatever he wants, for the most part) is eating this...

Okay, it only happened once. Still funny. 

What about you?
  •  Do you have special routines to prepare for big days or vacations?


  1. The pizza picture is hilarious. Men vs. Women..seriously!!

  2. Reading your workouts just makes me tired.

    I wish I were a guy and could eat whatever I wanted... I hate when my boyfriend is chowing down on cookies and pizza and I'm eating...salad.

  3. What brand of psyllium husk did you use? I've been wanting to try this, but I've bought a few different kinds of psyllium husk over the years (I usually add it to oatmeal) and each brand has a different texture.

    1. Mine says GNC Natural Brand! It was like 20 bucks for what could last me years.


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