Wedding Countdown Workouts, WOTDs

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My wedding is soon. Like, two weeks from Friday. I've got a post on the back burner about wedding fitness prep and the exercise and diet changes I've been making as the big day approaches, but that technical fabulousness is for another day.

The jist of the workout goals are:

  • Long runs / Spinning / intense cardio 2 days/week
  • Bodypump / Full body weights 2 days/week
  • Core Toning / Pilates 2 days/week with 30 minutes cardio built in around it
  • Single out and hit my shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs at least 2 times / week in addition to the full body weights

Thursday: Bodypump
I've been keeping track of my weights in order to ensure I'm either hitting my muscles with the same amount (if last time was challenging) or increase the amount (if last time was easy or just alright). As a result, I've been really loading on the kgs, which means more muscle and more calories burned. #winning

Apparently my photog skills are declining. No face in this shot. Oops.

Friday: 20 Minute Interval Run  Shoulders, Abs on Weight Machines
I did this interval run and loved it. It's pretty short but really burns a lot of calories and leaves me with a real "clean burn" feeling.

After my run, I did my shoulder burn out routine and then did my abs on a few weight machines. I added in a few other weight lifting exercises that my fiance talked me into doing, so by the end of my lifting, I'd burned 244 calories (run not included). 

I don't know why I even track weight lifting calories - they are always so low.
Saturday: 60 Minute Spin Class
We have to show up at least 30 minutes early for class to sign up on Saturday mornings, because it gets really packed. So, we also added in about 20 minutes of walking/running.

This was also my first weight class with NO Explode and let me say, I was EXPLODING with power during these 60 minutes. I kept pushing myself to bike harder and harder and ended up with one of my highest spin class calorie burns. #winning

Sunday: Rest / 4 Mile Walk
When we woke up on Sunday, my fiance and I both felt physically exhausted. So, we skipped Sunday Morning Bodypump and opted for a long walk with the dog.

Monday: Bodypump
Since I missed Sunday's Bodypump, I went on Monday morning. This was my first Bodypump class with NO Explode, and I was a beast. Also helping: My awesome new Montrail shoes. So flashy. How can you not lift more weight?

You're sexy and you know it (sung to my shoes).
Tuesday: 20 Minute Run + 60 Minute Pilates + Shoulder Burn Out Routine
I was still so excited about my new shoes that I decided to hit the treadmill for 20 minutes on Tuesday morning to try them out a bit. 

My dog is trying to photobomb this pic.

Then, after my Pilates class, I did my good old trusty shoulder burn out routine (by that, I mean the routine I've been doing for only two months). My favorite thing about doing a shoulder burn out routine after Pilates is that the studio is empty!

I love an empty studio.

Wednesday: 15 Minute Run to Class, Mercury Method "Control" Class, 15 Minute Run home
I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (okay, 5:20, sun was barely up, still early) and ran to The Mercury Method for yet another workout in 97+ degrees. On my run home, I saw this fun chalk drawing in the street.

See the tips of my shoes? I'm headed toward fun!

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