Weekend Things: 4th of July Weekend

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We kicked off the long weekend in the best way: Yoga. We drove up to the suburbs to visit my family and joined my mom for a yogathon at Fitness Loft on Thursday morning. 

Long live America, the land of the free and the home of the yogis.

"It's early and I'm tired" face.
Note: My sock bun stayed in place all night! Winning.

After yoga, we proceeded to grill out (read: burgers. this is not called a barbecue, people. it is grilling out.) and lay out. There were a few beers consumed.

I tried to make a cake I found on Tone It Up (Not sure if it was their recipe or if they just posted it). Basically, you take a watermelon and lop off the top and bottom of the oval and then cut the center out, making it a "cake" like shape.

You're almost a cake, but deceivingly healthy. Keep doin yo' thang, watermelon.

The recipe called for cool whip, but I don't trust cool whip anymore (chemicals... blegh), so I went with good old whipped cream. Only whipped cream isn't the same as cool whip. So, while it looks gorg in this pic, it sort of... sagged. #ohwell #stilldelicious

You are so beautiful and festive. Get in my belly.

To be honest, my fiance and I spent most of the rest of the weekend laying out in our backyard (YES! FINALLY!). We are super blessed to have a fairly private back yard in the city with a lot of green space and a view of the Sears-I-Mean-Willis-Tower.

Our dog was in heaven because it meant she got to chill outside all flipping day. Sunbathing dogs are so precious.

Nose to the wind

Other things that happened (you know, besides tons of sunscreen and drinking sparkling water in the sun, which is obviously the highlight of life):

1. DRAAAAAAAAAAAANKSS. Cocktails. A few of them. At Farmhouse. At the Silver Palm (pictured -- and the best drinks of the weekend). At Grandview.

I seriously cannot rave enough about the cocktails at The Silver Palm and The Matchbox (they are next door and connected and serve the same cocktails, but The Matchbox tends to be more crowded so we hit up The Silver Palm). Their drinks are only $8 and they are delicious and strong. They also usually  bring you your own cocktail shaker with almost another full drink in it. All for $8, I remind you. #GOTHERE

The most delicious Gimlet I've ever had, and a Manhattan with seriously boozy cherries.

2. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. More burgers. For my fiance. Not so much for me. (Pictured: Burger from Farmhouse with gouda and crispy bacon)

Fun fact: My fiance always asks for not just bacon, but "crispy bacon" on his burgers.
Some... uh... yogurt. With maple syrup and PB2. It looks gross, I can see that now. But it tasted so good.

Why do you look like brain matter?

3. WEEEEEEEEEERKOUTS. A long run. A spin class. Body pump. Another spin class.

Post-run, Pre-shoulder burn out.

Spin, spin, baby.
4. MAAAAAAAAKEUPPPPPPPPP. My makeup artist came over and we played around with some wedding makeup ideas. Lesson here? makeup is fun. 

After playing with makeup, my fiance took me on a date (how could he not? i mean come on) to Oon, in West Loop. IT WAS AMAZING and I'm going to post pics tomorrow to make you jealous. :)

Everyone else... How was your weekend?! 


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing fourth!! We haven't made it to The Matchbox yet but it's on our list- good to know the cocktails are tasty!

    1. You gots to go to there! Let us know if you ever need Matchbox drinking buddies :)


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