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So many thanks to my Aunt Mary Ann for this shot!

As of Friday, August 2, I'm officially Mrs. Goeman! We're in Costa Rica living the Pura Vida for the week, but prepare for some majorly awesome blog posts coming up when we return!

For now, I'm enjoying my honeymoon and reflecting on the little things...

  • texts from my brother on the morning of our wedding, telling me he's finally getting a brother
  • my mom blindfolding my dad to bring him to see me in the dress
  • putting my head on my daddy's shoulder as we walked down the aisle
  • my mom's "Bonnie hug" she gave me during the ceremony
  • sweet words whispered into my ear during the ceremony by my mother in law
  • my first kiss with my husband - his lips were trembling!
  • hugging one of my new brothers-in-law for the first time as a "sibling!"
  • my sister's amazing toast, in which she called me out for covering her in vaseline and stamps as a child (wtf carly?)
  • my dad's surprise choreographed dance (omg -- just wait)
  • singing to my husband for the first time as his wife

P.S. We're at the pool and my husband is doing ab exercises on a towel on the ground. Time to join in! Bye!


  1. what a beautiful picture- brought a smile to my face!

    congrats!!! I can't wait to hear more about the wedding and see more pics! enjoy your honeymoon! :)

  2. Congrats to both of you <3

    I just have to comment on this post, normally I'm one of your "quiet readers" but:
    I'm super happy for you and thank you for sharing your journey with us! I really enjoy reading your blog and am excited for more to come!
    Happy honeymooning to you and your husband(!) and all the best from Germany,


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