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Hi all! I'm back in the Windy City and slowly but surely getting back in the swing of things. I'll tell you about my wedding and honeymoon, but still wanted to keep you in the loop on the whole story!

Since my wedding was on a Friday, and my rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was on a Thursday, I decided to make Tuesday my last day at work. For some reason, I thought that having Wednesday off was enough time to get done everything I wanted to do. The workouts, the pampering, the relaxing... well, some of it happened.

I let myself "sleep in" and then went to an 8am workout at The Mercury Method. I walked out of there thoroughly drenched and, dare I say it, mighty satisfied with my workout.

Afterward, I ran home and had a nice shower. I had a pretty busy afternoon planned, so I put together the things I knew I needed to bring the following day to the hotel before our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Shoved it in a corner by the front door of my super messy apartment. Called it a wrap.

Bridesmaids gifts!

I got ready and put on as little clothing as I thought I could get away with. It was hot outside and I was planning on a fairly long walk.

White iPhone case for the soon-to-be bride!

Before I left, Justin and I walked over to our printer's office. I designed all of the paper for our wedding myself, so we wanted to proof them and ensure they were to our liking before having them mass print.

Thank God we went over there, because there was a little issue. The formatting had gotten messed up and the arrow at the top of our menu ended up having a weird misalignment. It looks minute, but to a trained eye, this is kind of a big faux pas.

I ran home and fixed the file, then sent it back before heading out the door. I had a long walk to go meet my friend Kelsey for a drink before a spa appointment.

"Look, a bus!"

Guess what? I got lost. First, let me say that it should have been really freaking easy. But, I saw a bus coming and decided it could be a good idea to hop on for a stop or two and save myself some time (I was running late). WRONG. I ended up going farther than I needed and then, on top of that, I walked the wrong way after I got off. Lame.

Good thing my purse is filled with goodies, so I could stay hydrated and even drink a protein shake as I navigated myself back to the right spot.

I finally met my friend Kelsey. We were headed for a specific bar near the spa, but we ended up deciding to go into Greek Islands because it's huge, has a bar, and most importantly, has free valet (she drove). I had two glasses of chard before we headed over to the spa.

We got there and checked in, and I discovered this beautiful little gem:

That's right, folks. I'm the Dutchess of ellehomme Holistic Med Spa on Yelp. This is obviously a big deal and warranted some excessive celebration.

I waited a bit longer in the waiting room for my girlfriend, while reading a book on metabolisms. Let me tell you, there's nothing better than a book that practically tells you to eat eggs and avocados and bacon.

Once my girlfriend was out of her treatment, she dropped me off downtown where I met my then fiance so we could wait in line for our marriage license! Leave it to us to get it only two days before the wedding!

Please pardon my makeup-less face and serious lazy eye. I have no idea what was wrong with me. Maybe it has something to do with getting lost, walking around in the heat, and drinking two glasses of wine.

To celebrate, we hit up Paramount Room for some greasy fries and garlic aioli. I was pretty starved, so despite the wedding dress looming only 2 days ahead, I dug in and stuffed my face.

Back soon with the details on the day of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! :)

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