Villa Caletas, Costa Rica Pt 2

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On our first full day in Costa Rica, we awoke to the amazing view that would soon become a staple of our days. Our suite in the Zephyr Palace was located in the perfect spot to have amazing views all day long. 

We had slept for MANY hours (like 10) and were pretty ravenous at this point, so we pretty much just rolled out of bed and walked to the main villa.

Breakfast was delicious. A Costa Rican breakfast is typically a mixture of eggs, rice and beans, and plantains. On our first morning, we tried their Juevos Rancheros, and it did not disappoint. 

After breakfast, we headed back to the room to change into sunning-worthy attire, also known as bathing suits. Our maid had obviously been there, and she had left us a cute little bunny to let us know (just in case the immaculately made bed wasn't a dead giveaway...).

I put on my suit and grabbed the super cute tote bag my sister gave me when we were getting ready for my wedding. A little bit lot of sunscreen later, we were ready to hit the pools!

Our first stop was the infinity pool that was part of our suite. It was absolutely gorgeous, had a spot for sunning, and was extremely private. Because of the time of day, it wasn't quite sunny there yet, so we decided to head back to the main villa for some S-U-N!

Now, that's more like it. We lounged by the pool at the main villa for a while. It was getting pretty hot, and eventually I needed to do a quick dip in the pool.

Because of where the hotel is located on the Western coast of Costa Rica, it is up on a small mountain that has a cliff like edge to it (where the hotel is located). This contributes to the gorgeous views from the hotel. It also means that, to get down to the ocean, it's a bit of a trek. The hotel offered a shuttle service, and we decided to hop on a 1:00pm shuttle down to the ocean.

It was an off road vehicle, which ended up being perfect, because the rainforest terrain on your way down to the water is pretty rough! It was about a 5-10 minute drive through the jungle, and it was very steep. But, eventually we were down at the beach!

They have a cabana down at the beach to serve you food and drinks, so we hit up the server for some boozy smoothies. This one was called "Caletas Dream" and it ended up being by far my favorite. 

Blackberry syrup, coconut rum, ice cream, and a number of other ingredients I cannot recall. It was a total winner.

Around 3:30, we headed back up to the hotel, in search of a serious shower and a quick nap. Believe it or not, laying out all day and drinking boozy smoothies will put you in Nap Mode. 

After a nap and a shower, we headed back to the villa grounds for an amazing dinner. Our view from the table of the sun slowly setting was idyllic, and the food followed suit.

I ordered a seabass sashimi that is basically just deconstructed sushi. It was very light and clean and did just what I wanted after a day of smoothies. 

The servers at the hotel ended up thinking it was my husband's birthday. We're not exactly sure where they got that idea - perhaps it was a mis-communication about it being our honeymoon or something - but they were giving us chocolate cake, so let's be honest, we went with it.

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