Villas Caletas, Costa Rica Pt 1

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We had a 4:30 leave time, which called for a 4am wakeup. I had showered right before going to bed, so I woke up feeling clean (essential). We'd just set up our Nespresso the night before, so I prepared some espresso for my husband and myself. Topped it with half and half because we were trying to use it up.

O, Hail to the Nespresso
Took that espresso like a shot, because my packing fiasco lead to a measly 3 hour slumber. Sub par in the sleeping realm.


Bottoms up!
We trained it via the Blue Line to O'Hare. Security was kind of a cluster, because O'Hare has its own set of Murphy's Laws (a.k.a. everything must always be difficult).

Yeah, I put a Tiffany ring on that man!

My husband had left his Oakleys in my mom's car over the weekend, and he is very careful about things like eye care and skin care. So, we hit up the Oakley counter at O'Hare and got him a sweet set of shades.

We boarded our plane and everything was very smooth. I am a phenomenal plane sleeper, so I passed out pretty quickly and woke up as we were landing in Houston.

Neither of us had eaten yet, so even though it was kind of late morning by this point, we went in search of proper breakfast food. I found eggs with veggies, grits, and ham. Not the best thing I've ever eaten... but it got the job done.

We had a very short layover (we don't like waiting, and there was a second flight we could have made if we missed the first one, so we took the risk), so after stuffing our faces, we headed to our gate. My 6 foot 7 husband and I were blessed with lots of legroom.

The flight was fairly uneventful. We each had a cocktail, followed by a few episodes of Modern Family and a wonderful nap. Flying done right, my friends.

When we landed in San Jose, we were greeted by our car service. Ted was exceptionally friendly and his English was superb.

Oh hey Ted!

It was about an hour and a half drive from the airport to Villas Caletas, where we were staying for the week. We considered renting a vehicle and driving it ourselves, but ended up opting for the simplest route of just paying someone to take us.

The drive was a nice little introduction to Costa Rican life. San Jose was significantly smaller than I had imagined, and just minutes into our drive, we were already seeing cows all over the countryside.

We also stopped to check out the alligators. Thank God we were viewing them from above, on a bridge, or else I think I may have lost it.

It didn't take long for the Pacific Ocean to come into view. It is extremely hilly on the West Coast, so the scenery is to die for. High peaks, low waters. Bright green and deep blue. It reminded me of the Pacific Northwest, only ten times more colorful.

Costa Rican Countryside
Our resort, Villa Caletas, was high up in the mountains, perched on a cliff that butts up to the ocean. Our driver turned off of the main road and we began climbing higher and higher. It took an extra ten minutes just to climb up to our hotel.

As soon as we checked in, we were greeted with delicious cool tea and cool towels. The tea was amazing - it was very sweet and even a bit thick and tasted like peaches.

We were staying at Zephyr Palace, which is a large palace on the grounds of Villas Caletas that has only a handful of luxury suites, its own pool area, deck area, garden area, and its own champagne salon. We were brought to our room, the 20th Century Suite, which was decorated to reflect 1920s style.

I absolutely loved the boutique feel of the Zephyr Palace. Every room is different and no detail is overlooked. Hand painted naked cherubs on the ceiling of your room? Why not?!

There was a jacuzzi in our suite, which had a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Instead of stepping into hot water from the hot, muggy rainforest, we were stepping in from glorious AC of our suite. Call me spoiled, but that's the best way to hot tub!

And let's not forget a huge private balcony with a hammock and plenty of seating (and fresh fruit, as delivered by the butlers).

After exploring the room, we unpacked a bit and then took a stroll around the grounds.

This gorgeous infinity pool that was part of the palace - meaning we would be sharing it with only a handful of other people. WINNING.

We headed over to the main restaurant, El Anfiteatro, which is perched above an amphitheater that has such a gorgeous view of the sunset and ocean that people come from all around to watch.

I went with a mojito and we split some delicious ceviche with plantain chips.

This was followed by some delicious salads on both our parts. Mine included rice noodles, shrimp, and cucumber with a tzatsiki dressing. My husband had a more traditional salad that also looked delish.

After dinner, we headed back to relax and unwind after a long day of traveling!


  • When you travel, do you stick to classic meals you know, or experiment with local cuisine?
  • Are you a good flight sleeper? Any tips and tricks for sleeping on planes?


  1. Very interesting information skin care ! Perfect just what I was looking for! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I got whole information about trip. The photographs of food make me hungry. Your trip sounds very relaxing and interesting. Next time I will try a trip by car with my husband.

    1. It was very relaxing! :) You will enjoy it!


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