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On Friday night, my husband picked me up from work and we headed to Holland for the weekend. We had an appointment on Saturday morning that we had to be in town for, and we wanted to spend some quality time with my husband's parents.

We ended up getting in pretty late, chatting for a while with my MIL/FIL, and then hitting the hay.

In the morning, we headed to Alpen Rose for breakfast before our appointment. I had the mexican scramble, and it was pretty delish. Beans, salsa, spices, cheese, eggs, and tomatoes? Add an avocado (they did) and call it good.

After running some errands, we headed back to my in laws' house. My husband and I were both aching for some exercise, so he went on a bike ride while I took the dog on a run.

Half way through the run, my knee started hurting. I have a recurring "injury" in my left knee, and it occasionally decides to ruin my workouts. We ended up doing a combo of jogging and walking the whole way home. Hey, at least I was on the move!

Afterward, we showered and got ready to head to Grand Rapids for dinner and Art Prize. I am the genius who forgot both a straightener and a curling iron, so I just half-blow-dried my hair and then braided it. You win some, you lose some...

We went to dinner at Bistro Bella Vita. There was a wait, so we started at the bar with a plate of bruschetta and a plate of carpaccio. Beers on the side.

I later had an arugula salad and mushroom gouda polenta, both of which were amazing. Next time I'm in Grand Rapids, this place is on my short list. I also had a glass of pinot noir which was amazing and kept me warm for the next part of the evening...

After dinner, we walked around Grand Rapids. I was under the mistaken impression that it was a small, town-like city. Instead, it's truly a proper city and reminds me a bit of the size of Milwaukee, but a lot of the construction in GR is much newer and more modern than my favorite brew city.

What about that Art Prize I mentioned? In Grand Rapids, they are currently doing a two-week art exhibition and contest called Art Prize, in which the entire city of Grand Rapids seems to be covered in art. You are able to vote on your favorite pieces, and the top contenders are then judged by a panel.

Some of the art was what I guess I would call experiential. This mirror had holes in it so that, as it spun, sometimes you saw yourself, and sometimes you saw your body with another person's head on it. Mind blown.


A lot of the pieces were huge, and my husband explained to me that the winner of the entire contest is typically a large piece. Another of my favorites, pictured above, was a large heart made up of happy and inspirational pieces. It evoked feelings of love and gratitude. #MyJam

I also really liked this fiberoptic light piece, which was in the Grand Rapids Art Museum (or GRAM for short). It changed colors at a slow pace, as though it were throbbing or moving like waves.

We ended up leaving Grand Rapids around 8 or so and driving back to Holland, where we ran in and freshened up before my husband and I went to meet my brother in law and his girlfriend for a drink. 

We went to the Curragh, and had a few drinks as we people watched. There was someone there from a funeral, a bunch of people there from a wedding (including the wedding party), many people from a fraternity party there, as well as a couple who'd just gotten engaged and their group of friends. It's the circle of life, and I was grateful to be watching it happen!

The next morning, we headed to Saugatuck for breakfast. We had our eyes on The Elbo Room, but apparently they moved to another town in order to get a liquor license (which is ironic because Saugatuck has the most water-side/dock bars in the area...), so they were closed. Instead, we went to Pumpernickel Eatery.

There was an interesting bloody mary bar, but I abstained in favor of the elixir of life... no, not water. Coffee. 

After breakfast, we went back to the house for a bit more relaxing before eventually getting lunner at Itty Bitty Bar. We went back to back up our things and the dog, and then hit the road!

My dog... is a contortionist. Her poses themselves are a work of art! ;-)

  • How was your weekend?
  • Do you enjoy art contests and festivals?


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