Back Into The Swing

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It took a while, but we're finally back into the swing of normal life after getting married and having an awesome honeymoon in Costa Rica. To me, "normal life" is only normal when I'm back to my routine (If you're into Myers Briggs, I'm a total "J" and like need to plan things out).

Since returning from my honeymoon, a lot of people have jokingly asked me if I was going to stop caring about food and fitness now that I'm married. The answer is... drumroll please... no. I am not going to stop caring! But I am definitely going to give myself a bit more leeway than I did during wedding prep. ;-)


I'm now obsessed with heirloom tomatoes. I know, I'm late into the game on this one, but it is definitely a game changer. I have been slicing them up and sauteeing them with a little bit of oil and spices, then either eating them plain or topping them with fried eggs, sriracha, and nutritional yeast.

Eggs and Avocado. It's pretty much my favorite combination, so I've been eating it for breakfast fairly frequently. Instead of making egg white omelets all the time, I am doing one full egg and two egg whites. Packed with protein without going overboard on fats or cholesterol. 

Have you noticed what the above two pictures and the one below all have in common? Sriracha. That stuff is my jam sauce.

Another thing I occasionally sriracha-up is fish. We've been eating blackened tilapia like it's nobody's business, and lately we're pairing it with fresh vegetables from the farmer's market. Below is zucchini. 


I am working out most days... but not all. I skipped a bit when I was in Holland, and have skipped a bit in between. For the most part, I am working out early to get it out of the way and feel accomplished for the rest of the day! That means a lot of 5:20 wakeup calls... and lots of pre-workout drinks...

I've also been running up my bill at The Mercury Method. If I run there and back, it is by far one of my favorite workout days. Unfortunately, as the days get shorter and light disappears, it's dark out in the morning when I would like to run there (and would be dark out when I finish the class if I go at night). My husband is not a huge fan of me running around the city in the dark without our personal bodyguard dog, so we'll see.

Speaking of the dog... this lady here has been getting a few runs outside, but she's really excited for the fall weather to set in so that I can take her on longer runs. She overheats if we are out for too long in the hot 90-degree days we've been having so frequently lately.

As far as a typical workout week goes, right now, I don't have one... but I can tell you what I did last week!

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: Barre Fly at Mercury Method
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: Weight lifting
Friday: Skip
Saturday: Skip
Sunday: Bodypump


  • How do you feel about skip days? Sometimes I really value them. This past week, between Bodypump and Spinning, I hit my legs pretty hard and was super sore. It really helped to take a few days off to let them recover!
  • What are your reset foods? I like to load up on veggies and lean protein.

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