Last Day at Villas Caletas

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On our last full day in Costa Rica, we made sure to revel in the beauty that is breakfast. Another cup of coffee? Sure. More cheese? Of course. More cream? Yes please. Just make it last longer...

We spent the earlier part of the day lounging by our personal infinity pool. We wanted to soak up the sun and the view.

In the afternoon, we headed back down to the ocean side. 

It didn't take long for my husband to notice a rock growth out in the water, which we would be able to get to only for a very short period of time while the tide was out. We tried to time it right

As we got out there, we realized our window of opportunity was closing fast. We had to scramble back, but we got a great shot of the beach from afar, so it was well worth it.

We decided to hang out on the other side of the beach, where the rainforest was a little bit more accessable. I made friends with a bird. It was very loud, so... I guess we had that in common.

My husband found me a heart-shaped rock. He was excited to give it to me. God bless this awesome and sweet man!

We had some chips, guac, and salsa before leaving the beach. And, of course, some boozy smoothies. 

We headed back to the villa on the last shuttle of the day and quickly got ready. I tried to actually curl my hair - despite doing some serious moussing the other day, this was the first time my curling iron had touched my hair on the trip. It was probably not worth the time - thanks, humidity!

My husband and I headed up to the botique and shop area of the resort. We had been eyeing some jewelry the entire trip, and my husband surprised me when he declared that he wanted to buy me not one, but a few pieces of jewelry.

He gave me two pairs of earrings and this gorgeous ring. It's a Costa Rican pearl and will forever be known as "The Honeymoon Ring." Why not? #blingbatterbatter

We had a cocktail at the main restaurant as we watched the sun set. Then, we went up to the nicer restaurant, which was only open on Saturday and Sunday.

We ordered what was probably the most expensive bottle of wine I've had in my life - but it was from the best winery in Costa Rica, so it seemed like a must. It was delicious.

We both started with a spinach and tomato salad, complete with some parm and balsamic glaze. 

Then, we both had some beef tenderloin. Mine was served with a side of coffee butter, which was absolutely delicious and reminded me a bit of red wine, chocolate and whiskey steak.

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